1. What do you know about the various type of land grants in ancient India? 10
  2. All historical interpretations are ultimately based on evidence derived from the sources of the history, conventionally divided into two categories – Literary and Archeological – Explain. 20
  1. Determine the importance of epigraphy for writing the ancient Indian history. 10
  2. Identify the main features of urbanization in India from 500 BC to 1000 AD. 20
  3. Evaluation of Caste system in ancient India. 40
  4. Growth of regional language and text in India from 8th century to 12th century AD . 40
  1. “Inscription have been given the first place in the list of sources of ancient Indian history, because they are on the whole, most important and trustworthy source of knowledge” – evaluate the importance of inscriptions as the most trustworthy sources of ancient Indian history in the light of the statement . 10
  2. What is the classical age of ancient India? Write a short note on the cultural renaissance of the classical age. 10
  3. Write an essay on the historical debate on the Indian feudalism of ancient and earlier medieval India. 20
  4. Religious proliferation in major sects of Buddhism, Vaishnavism and Shaivism in India. Their transformation from Protestantism to the synthetic Bhakti cult.  30
  1. Give an overview of Indian trade with Roman empire during the first three centuries of the Christian era. 20
  2. The position of women in the ancient India. 30
  1. How valuable are literacy sources for reconstruction of ancient Indian history. 10
  2. The debate on Indian feudalism . 30
  3. Discuss the accounts of Indian presented in the writing of foreign travelers as Huen Tsung, Fa Hien, Alberuni. 30
  1. Write a essay on the trade guilds in ancient India . 30
  2. Discuss the growth of Science and technology in ancient India. 30
  3. Explain the growth of Indo-Roman trade in ancient India. 10
  4. Examined the importance of archeology and the reconstruction of ancient Indian history .10
  1. Discuss the importance of Inscriptions in unearthing the history of Ancient India. 10
  2. Expansion of Indian culture in South-Asian counties in ancient times.30
  3. Role of guilds in Ancient Indian trade.30
  4. Position of women in Ancient Indian society.30
  1. Why are the foreign accounts of India useful for the writing of Indian History?10
  2. Write a short note on urbanization in Ancient India. 20
  3. Write an essay on origin and development of feudalism in Ancient India. 30
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