1.Write a short note on the Rig Vedic Tribal assemblies. 5

2.Write a short note on Sankaracharya.  5

3.What light do the vedic texts throw on the Gender relations during the vedic period ? 10

4. Is it historically correct to say that the vedic age was a golden age for the Indian women ?  10

1.Write a note on the Sabha and the Samiti. 10

2.Write a short note on the Vedanta Philosophies. 10

3.What are the general explanations regarding the transformations in vedic society ? 20

1.write short note on the Early Vedic Society 10

1.Discuss briefly the various theories regarding the original homeland of the Vedic Aryans. 10

1.Write a short note on Vedic economy. 10

1.To what extent was later Vedic society different from the early vedic one ? 10

1.Bring out the elements of continuity and change between the early Vedic and the later Vedic cultures. 10

1.Discuss the different theories about the original home-land of the Aryans. 10

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