1. What do you know about the iqta system of the Delhi Sultanate. 10
  2. What were the consequences of the invasion of Mongols on the policies of Delhi Sultanate.10
  1.  Nature of the Delhi Sultanate as “State“. 20
  1. "Alauddin Khalji deserved to be considered - one of the best sultans of Delhi" - Ibn Batutah. Do you agree ? 10
  1. Answers the economic reforms of Alauddin Khilji.10
  2. The evolution of the administrative system under the Delhi Sultanate from Iltutmish to Firoz Shah Tughlaq. 30
  1. Discuss Balban's theory of kingship. 10
  2. Discuss the reforms of Firuz Tughlaq. How far was he responsible for the decline of the Delhi Sultanate ? 20
  1. Debate on the theocratic nature of Delhi Sultanate 10
  2. Why did Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq occupy a special place in the history of medieval India ? 20
  3. Account for the introduction of the market control regulation by Alauddin Khilji. 10
  1. Do you think Illtutmish was the real founder of Delhi Sultanate? 10
  2. Discuss the importance of Khalji revolution. 10
  3. Explain the role of trade in the economy of the sultanate period.20
  4. The evolution of Iqta system during the Sultanate period. 30
  1. Write a short note on the land revenue system of Alauddin Khilji. 10
  2. Was the Delhi Sultanate a theocratic state?10
  3. Discuss the major architectural achievements of the Sultanate period.20
  1. In what ways did the invasions of Mahmud of Ghazni differ from that of Muhammad Ghuri? How would you account for the success of the Turks? 30
  2. Write a short note on Balban's theory of Kingship. 30
  3. Critically analyse the market (Bazar) Control theory of Alauddin Khilji. 30
  4. Do you think the schemes of Muhammad-Bin-Tughluq were "correctly conceived, badly executed and disastrously abandoned"? 30
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