1. The Urban Society and trade guilds of South India in the Sangam age. 40
    2. Bengal under Hussian shahi rule. 40
    3. Determine the significance of Mahmud of Ghazni's invasion. 10
  1. How would you analyse the contribution of the lliyas Shahi Dynasty in the history of Bengal. 10
  1. Explain the causes of failure of the Hindus against the early Turkish attacks in India. 10
  2. The growth and development of art and architecture in south India under the Pallavas, Chalukyas and Cholas. 30
  3. Attempt an impartial judgement on the achievements of Maharaj Sasanka of Gauda in Bengal.  20
  1. Village administration acquired uniqueness under the Cholas - Discuss.  20
  1. The development of art and literature under the Palas and Senas. 30
  1. Write briefly about the expansion of the foreign trade in the reign of Satavahana .20
  2. Discuss briefly the achievements of Mahmud Gawan as a maker of Bahmani kingdom. 10
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