1. Write a short note on the extent of the Gupta Empire. 10
  2. How have the historians assessed and explained the changes in society following the decline of the Gupta Empire. 20
  3. Briefly discuss the Nature and Structure of the administration of Vijoynagar empire. 20

1.Write a short note on Vijayanagara-Bahmani contest. 10

2. Write any essay on economy of the Vijayanagara empire. 20

  1. What were the different policies adopted by Samudragupta to establish supremacy over his contemporaries and how far was he sucessful ? 20
  1. Write a short note on Gupta art and architecture.   10
  2. Vijayanagar empire had a well organised administrative system - elucidate. 20
  1. Would you consider the Gupta period a 'Golden Age' ? 10
  2. Discuss the position of women in the Gupta empire. 20
  3. Economy and society in the Vijaynagar empire with reference to the accounts of foreign travellers. 30
  1. Explain the causes of the downfall of the Gupta empire. 30
  1. Write a short note on provincial administration in Gupta period. 10
  2. How did the foreign travellers describe the Vijaynagar empire? 20
  3. Discuss briefly the condition of women in Ancient India from Vedic age to Gupta age. 30
  1. Write a short note on Gandhara Art.
  2. Review the cultural progress of ancient India in the Gupta period.
  3. Critically discuss the economic condition of Vijaynagar empire.
  1. What were the different strategies adopted by Samudragupta during his triumphant march across different parts of India? 20
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