1. What were the essential features of Akbar's religious policy ?10
  2. Write a short Note on the Jagirdari system of Mughal period. 10
  3. Examine the features of Central Asian and Persian styles in Mughal architecture. 20
  4. The crisis in the Mughal economy in eighteenth century. 40
  1. Write a short note on the peasant revolts during the Mughal rule in India.  10
  2. Analyse the Religious Policy of Auranzeb.  20
  3. How did the Mughal Maratha conflict during the 17th and early 18th centuries affect the Mughal Imperial fortune ? 20
  1. Art, architecture and culture under the Mughals.  40
  2. Analyse the Rajput policy of Akbar, the great Mughal. What were its results ?         15
  3. How would you characterize Sher Shah - as an innovator or a reformer ?   15
  4. Explain briefly the main trends in the Mughal-Afghan contest for supremacy in northern India from 1526 - 1556.        15
  5. "The divine Faith (Din-i-llahi) was a monument of Akbar's folly, not of of his wisdom. The whole scheme was the outcome of ridiculous vanity, a monstrous growth of unrestrained autocracy" - V. A. Smith. Is this statment true or a false malign and allegation of contempt ?  Is it born out of his political compulsion ?
  1. Discuss the impact of Aurangzeb's Decan policy on the Mughal empire. 10
  2. Economy of the Mughal Empire .40
  3. Analyse the religious policy of Akbar. 10
  1. Examine the salient features of Akbar's religious policy.10
  2. Write a notes on Mughal paintings.10
  3. Discuss the major features of the Mansabdari system of Akbar. What changes were introduced in the system under Akbar's successors  ? 20
  4. The debate on the decline and disintegration of the Mughal empire. 30
  1. The progress of Mughal architecture .30
  2. Assess critically the land revenue administration under the Mughals. 20
  3. How did Bengal flourish under the rulers of the IIlyas Shahi dynasty ? 20
  4. How far was Akbar's Rajput policy politically expedient ? 10
  5. Give an account of the Mughal-Afghan contest for supremacy in medieval India. 10
  1. Discuss the Rajput policy of Akbar and its impact. 20
  2. Do you agree with the view that 'agrarian crisis' was the main factor behind the downfall of the Mughal empire? 20
  3. Development of science and technology under the Mughals. 30
  1. Write an essay on the consolidation of the Mughal empire under Akbar. 30
  2. Make an overview upon the social life under the Mughals.30
  1. Examine the salient features of Sher Shah's administration. Was he really a precursor of Akbar in the field of administration? 20
  2. Do you think Akbar's religious policy was eclectic in nature? 20
  3. What were the principal Sufi Silsilas in India during Sultanate period? Assess their impact on contemporary society. 20
  4. Write a note on the evolution of Mansabdari system from Akbar to Aurangzeb. 30
  5. Write an essay on Mughal architecture.  30
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