1. Access the contribution of Amir Khusru as a historian and political thinker. 10
  2. Write a short note on the public works of Firuz Tuglaq . 10
  3. 18th Century debate. 40/30
  1. Assess briefly, the historical significance of the Bhakti cult movement of India from 14th to 16th Century. 30
  1. Evaluate Ziauddin Barani as a historian. 10
  2. Write a short note on the Iqta system of land grant in Medieval India. 10
  1. Discuss the accounts of India presented in the writings of foreign travelers such as Huen Tsang, Fa Hien, Alberuni etc. 30
  2. Discuss the impact of the Sufi Movement on Indian society and culture. 10
  3. How would you explain the origin of the Bhakti Movement in medieval India ? 20
  1. The 18th Century Debate.30
  2. Assess the cultural significance of the Bhakti movement.30
  1. Analyse the salient features of the Bhakti movement. 20
  2. Social conditions of India in Eighteenth century. 30
  1. Write a short note on Indian Ocean trade during 17th centuries.
  1. Review the impact of Bhakii movement on Indian society. 20
  2. Discuss the main features of India's commercial contacts with South-East Asia in early Medieval India. 10
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