1.  "No war is inevitable until it breaks out" Do you agree with this view of the original of the First World War ? 20
  2. How would you explain the origin and development of Cold War ?  How would you explain detente and the final end of the Cold War ? 40
  1. Would you argue that Germany was solely responsible for the out break of the first World War ?  20 
  2. Discuss various interpretations relating to the origin of the Second World War. 20
  3. How would you explain the emergence of the 'Third World'. What was its impact on international relation ? 
  4. What were the factors leading to the end of Cold War ?  Did the end of Cold War usher in an era of absolute peace in international relations ? 40
  1. Discuss the rise of fascism in inter war Italy.  20
  2.  Identify the causes and consequences of second world war. 40
  1. What was new in New Imperialism ? Discuss its impact on Africa and Asia. 10+10=20
  2. What do you understand by Cold War ? Illustrate with examples the salient features of the Cold War till 1960.10+30=40
  1. Assess the role of the UNO in the Korean War and Cuban Missile Crisis. 20
  2. How would you explain the origins of the Cold War? 40
  1. Examine the salient features of the policy of appeasement. To what extent was it responsible for the outbreak of the Second World War? 40
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