1. What do you understand by the 'Cuban Missile Crisis' ? 20
  2. Analyse the factors which were responsible for the failure of the League of Nations.40
  3. What led to the collapse of the French colonial empire in lndo-China  ?   Examine the significance of the 1954 settlement in this context. 40
  4. Anslyse the causes which resulted in the distingration at the socialist after 1985.  40
  5. Discuss the causes of the rise of Fascism in Italy . 20
  6. Would you call the French Ravolution of 1789 a 'bourgeios revolution'  ?    40
  1. What was the effect of Napoleonic conquests of Western Europe ? 20
  2. Why did Reign of Terror was possible in France ? 20
  3. Comment on the settlement of Vienna (1815)    20
  4. Briefly discuss the features of Russo - German Non -Aggression pact. 40
  5. Briefly discuss the Middle Eastern Politics .  40
  1. Identify the salient features of European Enlightenment in the eighteenth century and their historical impact,
  2. How would you explain the Chinese Revolution of 1949 ?  What were its long-term effects ?           
  3. Write a critical note on the phenomenal changes in African history in the twentieth century with special reference to the origin, development and end of Apartheid.
  1. How would you explain the origin of the Nezi-Soviet Non-agression pact of 1939. What was its impact on international relations ?      40
  1. Write a note on the making of Russian revolution leading to foundation of a socialist state.  40
  2. What were the causes behind disintegration of Soviet Union  ? How collapse of Soviet Union brought political changes in Eastern Europe.            40
  1. How would you explain the unification of Germany under Bismark ? 20
  2. Why and where was the League of Nations formed ? Explain its success and failure. 20+10+10=40
  3. Analyse the causes of the rise of Nationalist movements in Southeast Asia with special reference to Malay and Indonesia.  20+20=40
  4. What role did India play in the Korean war and the Congo crisis ? 10+10=40

  1. What led to the scramble for colonies in the second half of the nineteenth century? 40
  2. Analyse the origins and growth of Apartheid in South Africa. How did it come to end? 30+10=40
  1. In what ways did Manini contribute to the cause of Italian unification? A. Account for the rise of New imperialism. What was its impact on Africa? 20
  2. Explain the role of the United Nations as the peace maker in the world in the second half of the twentieth century with special reference to its role in the Congo and Korean crises. 40
  1. Explain the rise of Nazism in Germany. How did it affect the European balance of power? ''25+15=40
  2. Assess the impact of the rise of communist China on international politics.
  3. Explain the policy of Non-Alignment. Assess India's contributions to the growth of non-aligned movement. 10+30=40
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