1.Which Indian geographer had given formation about Solar and Lunar eclipses?

(A) Aryabhatta  (B) Varah Mihir (C) Brahmagupta (D) Bhaskaracharya

2.Map of india best suited to

(A) Polyconic (B) Sinusoidal (C) Lambert Conical Orthomorphic (D) Albert's Conical Equal Area

1.'Smart Cities Mission' was launched by India Government in the year

   (A) 2014       (B) 2015              (C) 2016          (D) 2013

2.Most of the tribals of the central and southern regions of India belong to ——— stock.

 (A) Negrito      (B) Proto-Australoid   (C) Mongoloid              (D) Australoid

3.Sarva Shiksha Abhijan was launched in the year

    (A) 2000      (B) 2001               (C) 2002          (D) 2003

4.Given below are two statements, one labelled as Assertion (A) and other labelled as Reasons (R) :

 Assertion (A) : India is a multireligious and multi­ethnic society.

 Reasons (R) : The Constitution of India offers to all citizens, individually and collectively, fundamental rights without discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth.

 (A) Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation.

 (B) Both (A) and (R) are true, but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A).

(C) (A) is true, but (R) is false.

(D) (A) is false, but (R) is true.

5.In which of the following North-Eastern States of India inhabit the Nishi tribe ?

(A) Meghalaya       (B) Arunachal Pradesh   (C) Nagaland  (D) Manipur

6.Which among the following city is called 'zero Mile Center' because of its location oi India's Geographic center ?

 (A) Bhopal       (B) Nagpur      (C) Jabbalpur              (D) Indore

7.The Border Road Organization was established in which year ?

 (A) 1960  (B) 1972          (C) 1988          (D) 1991

8.The National Metallurgical Laboratory of India is at

   (A) Jamshedpur             (B) Dhanbad    (C) Roorkee     (D) Ranchi

9.In which Five-Year plan, balanced regional development was emphasized as one of the major objectives of the planning excercise

 (A) Second       (B) Third        (C) Fourth        (D) Fifth

1. 'Doordarshan' is the broadcasting agency of ——

(A) Prasar Bharati      (B) Akash Vani            (C) Gyan Bharati         (D) National Film Development Corporation

2.Smart Cities Mission' was launched by Indian Government in the year ——

(A) 2014        (B) 2015        (C) 2016               (D) 2013

3. —— is a central university in West Bengal.

(A) Gour Banga University      (B).Rabindra Bharati        (C) Vishwa Bharati            (D) University of Calcutta

4.India Standard Time is —— ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.

(A) 6 hours 30 minutes            (B) 4 hours 30 minutes       (C) 5 hours 30 minutes          (D) 6 hours 15 minutes

5.The famous earthquake of January 26, 2001 took place at ——

(A) Uttar Kashi       (B) Bhuj (Gujrat)              (C) Andaman and Nicobar               (D) Kinnaur

6.In the year —— tsunami occurred in coastal areas of India.

(A) 2003          (B) 2006       (C) 2004              (D) 2005

In 2005, the Indian Government enacted an act for prevention and mitigation of disaster. It is known as  —— .

(A) Disaster Prevention Act     (B) Disaster Mitigation Act      (C) Disaster Management Act        (D) None of the above

7.The National Fire Service College is located at ——

(A) Ahmedabad       (B) Chennai        (C) Nagpur       (D) Allahabad

8.—— has one of the four training centres of National Disaster Response Force.

(A) Delhi          (B).Hyderabad             (C) Bangalore              (D) Bhopal

9.Kannad belongs to —— language group.

(A) Austric      (B) Aryan          (C) Sino-Tibetian       (D) Dravidian

10.Sarva Shiksha Abhijan was launched in:the year —— .

(A) 2000       (B) 2001       (C) 2002    (D) 2003

11.Integrated Urban Development Project was initiated during  —— five year plan.

(A) Fourth       (B) Fifth            (C) Sixth          (D) Seventh

12.—— is not a SEZ of India.

(A) Falta          (B) Noida.        (C) Indore      (D) None of the above

13.Blue revolution is aimed at increasing the production of ——

(A) Milk            (B) Poultry       (C) Shrimp                  (D) Indigo

14.—— is not a potential area for generation of geo-thermal energy.

(A) Son Valley             (B) Damodar Valley       (C) Western Ghats      (D) None of the above

15.—— is a tribe of north-east India.

(A) Oraon         (B) Chenchu       (C) Angami       (D) Irula

16.—— is the main occupation of the Toda tribe of southern India.

(A) Hunting       (B) Pastoralism        (C) Fishing       (D) Agriculture

17.Lepcha, Assamese, Bhutia are types of —— langauge family.

(A) Sino-Tibetian        (B) Austric       (C) Dravidian               (D) Indo-Aryan

18.—— is a minority group in India who are followers of Zeroastrianism.

(A) Jains      (B) Parsis        (C) Buddhist        (D) Christians

19.Many people of —— state speaks Kinnauri.

(A) Jammu and Kashmir       (B) Himachal Pradesh              (C) Uttar Pradesh           (D) Uttarakhand

20.In the year 1988, India launched the first remote sensing satellite ——

(A) IRS-IA       (B) INSAT-ID                (C) INSAT-IA               (D)  None of the above

21. Varanasi is an example of —— City.

(A) Defense     (B) Administrative        (C) Port       (D) Eclecelestial

22.The basic objective of —— is to provide all-weather connectivity to all villages.

(A) SGSY         (B) IAY             (C) DPAP       (D) PMGSY

23.The National Air Monitoring Program was initiated by  —— .

(A) National Disaster Management Agency

(B) State Pollution Control Board

(C) National Pollution Control Board

(D) Indian Meteorological Department

24.The present habitat of  —— tribe is mainly in the plateau regions of Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa and West Bengal.

(A) Bhils           (B) Nagas        (C) Santhals         (D) None of the above

25.By —— amendment constitutional status was given to the Panchayat system.

(A) 74th        (B) 73th        (C) 72th     (D) 62th

26.India and Pakistan have boundary dispute over —— creek.

(A) Sir              (B) Kari            (C).Kajhar        (D) None of the above

1.Under which plan did the Government introduce an agricultural strategy which gave rise to Green Revolution ?

(A) Sixth Five Year Plan (FYP)            (B) Second FYP          (C) Fourth FYP       (D) Third FYP

 2.Calcutta (Shibpur) Engineering College was established in the year

   (A) 1817          (B) 1854          (C) 1855       (D) 1856

3.Calcutta Science College was establish in the year

   (A) 1905          (B) 1908          (C) 1913       (D) 1914

4.Basu Vijnan Mandir (Bose Institute) was establish on

      (A) 1917       (B) 1916        (C) 1919          (D) 1920

1.What would be the Sky if there would have no atmosphere ?

   (A) blue            (B) transparent            (C) white      (D) black

2.The three indegenous silkworms in India are

(A) Tassar, Gir, Mullet        (B) Eel, Muga, Carp       (C) Tassar, Eri, Muga        (D) Muga, Eel, Gir

3.Which one of the following Indian languages is included in Indo-Aryan group ?

  (A) Tamil       (B) Ladakhi        (C) Oriya / Odiya        (D) Lushai

4.Which one of the following is a free trade zone ?

   (A) Mumbai      (B) Haldia         (C) Kandla          (D) Marmagaon

5.The number of villages in India is about

    (A) 3 lakh        (B) 4 lakh         (C) 5 lakh        (D) 6 lakh

6.The child sex ratio (per thousand) in India in the year 2011 was

   (A) 900            (B) 907        (C) 914     (D) 921

7.What will be the expected average age of an Indian by the year 2020 ?

    (A) 24 years        (B) 29 years                 (C) 34 years   (D) 39 years

1.Which of the following is the dominant type of migration in India ?

   (A) Rural to Rural         (B) Rural to Urban       (C) Urban to Urban         (P) Urban to Rural

2.In which year the Indian capitalist class organized itself under the banner of FICCI ?

 (A) 1922        (B) 1927             (C) 1930          (D) 1932

3.Isogenic lines is the line of equal-

  (A) Earth inclination      (B) Magnetic declination      (C) Polar inclination        (D) Magnetic inclination

4.The Indian Space Research Organisation is in -

   (A) Trivandrum        (B) Bangalore    (C) Thumba    (D) Sriharikota

5.Who prepares the topographical maps of India ?

    (A) Geological Survey of India

    (B) Survey of India

    (C) Defence Ministry

   (D) Geographical Survey of India

 6.The city which is called Cottonopolis of India -

   (A) Kanpur       (B) Ahmedabad        (C) Mumbai        (D) Coimbatore

7.The Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute is located at -

   (A) Madras         (B) Goa         (C) Cochin       (D) Kolkata

 8.'Diago Garcia' is an island in the ocean-

     (A) Atlantic       (B) Pacific         (C) Indian      (D) Arctic

9.The Public Postal System in India was started in which year ?

        (A) 1837              (B) 1938          (C) 1848          (D) 1839

 10.The tribals of central and southern India belongs to -

      (A) Negritos    (B) Mongoloids       (C) Braehy caphals       (D) Proto-        Australiods

1.The most appropriate symbol for representing urban centres on maps is

(A) Dots           (B) Circle        (C) Spheres     (D) None of the above

2. In the process of industrial development of India, the investment per enterprise in the public sector was the highest during the

  (A) First five year plan          (B) Third five years plan          (C) Fifth five year Plan       (D) Seventh five year plan.

3.Which of the following is not the agencies for carrying out the aerial photography in India ?

  (A) National Remote Sensing Agency, Hyderabad

  (B) Air survey company (Private) Limited, Calcutta

  (C) Indian Air Force

(D) None of the above

4.Which one of the following is most spoken Indo-Austric Language in India ?

  (A) Khasi         (B) Santhali                 (C) Munda       (D) Kharia

5.Which of the following Scheduled Tribe has a dispersed core ?

    (A) AO         (B) Garo              (C) Santhal                  (D) Bhil

6.Name the Five Year Plan (FY) in which the 'Voluntary Sterilisation Population Policy' was introduced ?

 (A) 1st Five year Plan              (B) 2nd Five year plan     (C) 3rd Five year plan          (D) 4th Five year plan

7.The habitat of the Toda Tribe is -

 (A) Aravalli range        (B) Siwalik range         (C) Kaimur range         (D) Nilgiri hills

8.Which one of the following States has the lowest percentage of Scheduled Tribes ?

(A) Arunachal Pradesh        (B) Manipur        (C) Mizoram                 (D) Nagaland

9.The map in which distribution of different objects are shown by letter symbols are called -

(A) Choroschematic maps         (B) Chorochromatic maps       (C) Choropleth maps        (D) All of the above

10.The main occupation of the Gonds is

   (A) Food gathering         (B) Forestry       (C) Hunting       (D)       Cultivation

11.The World's highest ground based Telescopic Observatory is located in :

  (A) Columbia               (B) India           (C) Nepal         (D) USA

12.Which one of the following is most prone to earth quake ?

    (A) High hill tops          (B) Young folded mountain              (C) Oil Shields       (D) All of the above

13.'House burials' are reported from :

    (A) Gufral in Kashmir  (B) Ghaligal - in the northeast   (C) Uleri in Almora      (D) Balathal in Rajasthan

1.Sustainable development was first clearly defined by the

(A) Bruntland Commission               (B) Rio Conference      (C) United Nations            (D) World Bank

2.What is the difference of time between GMT and IST ?

(A) 4 hours      (B) 4.30 hours        (C) 5.30 hours     (D) 6.30 hours

3."Which one is not a Green House Gas ?

(A) Carbon dioxide      (B) Methane        (C) Sulfur Hexafluoride      (C) Hydro oxide

4.When did India became a member of WTO ?

(A) 1991       (B) 1994       (C) 1995                 (D) 1996

5.Which one of the following statements is incorrect  ?

(A) PMGSY was initiated in 2000

(B) It is a part of rural infrastructure development programme

(C) It is backed by Employment generation programme

(D) It aims to connect all habitation in rural area


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