1.Which among the following soils is primarily infertile?

(A) Regur

(B) Bangar

(C) Lateritic

(D) Alluvial

2.The British Island in the Indian Ocean that provides military support to USA and UK is

(A) Mauritius

(B) Diego Garcia

(C) Philippine

(D) Madagascar


1.The ranges of Western Ghats is locally called as 'Sahyadris' in which of the following States?

(A) Tamil Nadu (B) Kerala (C) Maharashtra (D) Andhra Pradesh

2.Coromandel Coast is under which Earthquake Zone?

(A) I

(B) II


(D) IV

1.The approximate Circumference of the Earth is :

(A) 23,000 km              (B) 20,000 km       (C) 40,000 km        (D) 35,000 km

2.The speed of rotation of the Earth is the highest :

(A) Along the Equator            (B) At the North Pole

(C) Along the Tropic of Cancer            (D) Along the Arctic Circle

3.Ecosystem has two components :

(A) Plants and animals            (B) Weeds and trees       (C) Biotic and abiotic             (D) Frogs and man

4.Which of the following percentage of solar radiation is absorbed by the atmosphere ?

(A) 14%           (B) 16%           (C) 10%       (D) 20%

5.Which of the following time, the highest temperature is found in the Earth ?

(A) 12 NOON               (B) 2 P.M.        (C) 1 P.M.        (D) 12.30 P.M.

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