1. In which of the following rivers the Sardar Sarovar hydro-electrical project is located

(A) The Narmada (B) The Rihand (C) The Sutlej (D) The Bhagirathi  

2. It is composed with newer alluvium and forms the flood plain along the river. Identify it

(A) Bhangar (B) Reh (C) Kallar (D) Khadar 

3. The river to form a boundary between Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh is 

(A) Yamuna (B) Chambal (C) Gomti (D) Ken 

4. Which ot the following is the longest west flowing river in India?

(A) Tapi (B) Narmada (C) Bhagirathi (D) Luni 

5. The Godavari River originates from

(A) Siwara (B) Trimbak (C) Amarkantak (D) Nilgiri 

6.Majuli, the largest riverine island is situated in which of the following rivers?

(A) The Cauvery (B) The Mahanadi (C) The Brahmaputra (D) The Ganga 

7. In India, the largest region hydro-electric potential is 

(A) the Satpura Range (B) the Eastern Ghats (C) the Western Ghats   (A) the Himalayas 

8. Which is the largest river system in the peninsular India?

(A) Godavari (B) Narmada (C) Cauvery (D) Mahanadi 

1.Which state have the maximum number of rivers?

(A) Uttar Pradesh (B) Karnataka (C) Andhra Pradesh  (D) Punjab

2.Which is deepest port in India ?

(A) Krishnapatnam Port (B) Vishakhapatnam Port (C) Chennai Pott (D) Mumbai Pott

3.Which of the following cities is situated on mouth of river Tapti?

(A) Ankleshwar (B) Ahmedabad (C) Vadodara (D) Surat

4.Rammam Hydroelectric power station is located in

(A) Jalpaiguri (B) Sikkim (C) Cooch Behar (D) Daneeling

5.Where do the Bhagirathi and Alakananda meet at?

(A) Devprayag (B) Rudraprayag (C) Haridwar (D) Karnaprayag

6.The artificial harbour along the west coast of India is

(A) Kandla (B) Nhava Sheva  (C) Cochin (D) Marmagao

7.Which has land-locked and protected port in India?

(A) Kolkata (B) Visakhapatnam  (C) Chennai (D) Paradip

8.What type of river is the Indus?

(A) Consequent (B) Antecedent  (C) Obsequent (D) Subsequent

9.Which project has the biggest underground power house?

(A) Salal project (B) Nathpa Jhakri  (C) Bhakra Nangal (D) Damodar

10.Which is the eastern most river of the North Bengal Plains?

(A) Torso (B) Raidak(C) Mechi (D) Pagla

11.Which is the Oldest Port in India?

(A) Mumbai Port (B) Kolkata Port (C) Chennai Port (D) Coachi Port

12.Which is a tax free port in India?

(A) Okha (B) Kandla (C) Coachi (D) Paradip

13.River Beas flows through the states of

(A) Rajasthan, Punjab (B) Punjab, Himachal Pradesh (C) Haryana, Uttar Pradesh (D) Haryana, Rajasthan

14.Kakrapar irrigation project is on the river

(A) Narmada (B) Godavari (C) Trapti  (D) Mahanadi

15.Which port is the main exporter of iron ore?

(A) Marmagao Port (B) Kandla Port (C) Mumbai Port (D) Cochin Port

16.The idea of the National Water Grid (River Linking Project) was advocated by

(A) K. L. Rao (B) Narashima Rao (C) Atal Behari Bajpayee (D) Narendra Moth

17.Which is the largest lake in India?

(A) Loktak (B) Wular (C) Vembanad (D) Chilka

1.Loktak Lake is located in

(A) Assam       (B) Arunachal Pradesh            (C) Tripura        (D) Manipur

2.In which of the following states is the Karcham Wangtoo Hydroelectric plant located ?

(A) Jammu and Kashmir      (B) Himachal Pradesh  (C) Uttarakhand               (D) Rajasthan

3.Vantawng falls with a height of 229m are located in which district of Mizoram ?

(A) Champhai District              (B) Mamit District      (C) Serchchip District               (D) Aizawl District

4.Nepal Himalayas extends between the rivers

(A) Sutlej and Beas      (B) Kali and Sutlej       (C) Kali and Teesta  (D) Teesta and Brahmaputra

Consider the following Canals of India with their connecting states :

  1. Munak Canal — Haryana and Delhi
  2. Indira Gandhi Canal — Punjab and Rajasthan
  3. Buckingham Canal — Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka
  4. Narmada Canal — Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat

5.Which of the above are correctly matched ?

(A) 1 and 2      (B) 2 and 3      (C) 1, 2 and 3  (D) 1, 2, 3 and 4

6.The Jhelum has its source from

(A) Mourn Kailash       (B) Rohtang       (C) Verinag               (D) Kulu

7.Prince, Victoria and Alexandria are the three important and busy docks at

(A) Cochin       (B) Visakhapatnam      (C) Chennai       (D) Mumbai

8.What is Obra ?

(A) Copper project in Rajasthan

(B) Super thermal power project in Uttar Pradesh

(C) Atomic power plant at Kalpakkam

(D) Hydroelectric project in Uttar Pradesh Rohtang

9.Which one is not a Tidal river ?

(A) Icchamati       (B) Vidyadhari         (C) Kalindi      (D) Jalangi

10.The port of India connected to the interior through the Palghat gap is

(A) Madras       (B) Marmagao       (C) Cochin            (D) New Mangalore

Pipavav in Gujarat is best known for which among the following ?

(A) India's first private port

(B) India's first Greenfield refinery

(C) India's first ship breaking yard

(D) None of the above

11.Marmagao port is linked to the interior by means of cheap transport on rivers

(A) Zuari and Mandovi           (B) Bhima and Kalinadi           (C) Varada and Malaprabha          (D) Gangawali and Savitri

12.Which one of the following is a 'Formal Region' ?

(A) Delhi metropolitan region

(B) Hyderabad-Secunderabad region

(C) Delhi-Jaipur-Agra Triangle

(D) Assam Valley

13.The Vale of Kashmir is the only level strip of land in the Himalayas. Which river has laid its deposits to form this level plain ?

(A) Ravi           (B) Sutlej         (C) Beas       (D) Jhelum

14.Through which of the following States Chambal river does not flow ?

(A) Unar Pradesh        (B) Madhya pradesh                (C) Rajasthan      (D) Gujarat

15.The Grand Anicut Canal is located in

(A) Andhra pradesh     (B) Tamil Nadu           (C) Karnataka              (D) Kerala

16.Which one of the following statements is not true ?

(A) Ghaggar's water is utilized in the Indira Gandhi Canal.

(B) Narmada raised from Amarkantak region.

(C) Nizam Sagar is situated on the Manjira river.

(D) Penganga is a tributary of the Godavari.

17.Indian Maritime University is located at

(A) Hyderabad             (B) Vishakhapatnam      (C) Chennai              (D) Kochi

18.Which river forms the famous Gersoppa falls ?

(A) Cauvery       (B) Sharavati            (C) Narmada    (D) Godavari

19.Cochin and Visakhapatnam sea ports of India are situated on the

(A) East and West Coasts, respectively

(B) East Coast

(C) West Coast

(D) West and East Coasts, respectively

1.The Indus originates from the glaciers of —— range. .

(A) Pir Panjal        (B) Kailash         (C) Zaskar  .        (D) Saltora

2.Mandakini and Alakananda meet at

(A) Rudra Prayag       (B) Karan Prayag         (C) Allahabad              (D)  Deva Prayag

3.—— is the largest west flowing river of Peninsular India.

(A) Tapi           (B) Sabarmati        (C) Narmada         (D) None of the above

4. According to the.Indus Water Treaty, India got the exclusive right to use the water of three rivers and among them one is ——

(A) Jhelurn        (B) Ravi         (C) Chenab      (D) Indus

5.Ganga is an example of —— river .

(A) Consequent          (B) Subsequent           (G) Antecedent            .(D) None of the above

6.—— is the source of river Chambal

(A) Malwa plateau       (B) Aravalli range       (C) Vindhyan range       (D) Satpura range

7.Chilka is an example of —— lake.

(A) Crater       (B) Lagoon         (C) Glacial        (D) Aeolian

8.Shivasamudram Dam is constructed on —— river.

(A) Narmada        (B) Mahanadi          (C) Krishna       (D) Kaveri

9.Ukai dam is on Ukai river which is a tributary of —— river.

(A) Narmada               (B) Mahanadi        (C) Tapi    (D) Ganga

10.Tilaiya Dam is on —— river.

(A) Barakar       (B) Damodar              (C) Konar         (D) None of the above

11.Jawaharlal Nehru Port is situated at about 14 kilometers south of —— city.

(A) Chennai        (B) Mumbai              (C) Goa            (D) Kolkata

1.The largest irrigated area in India is occupied by

(A) Sugarcane      (B) Rice      (C) Cotton        (D) Wheat

2.The river which is used for inland waterways in India is

(A) Ganga       (B) Cauveri      (C) Mahi          (D) Luni

3.Srinagar is located on the bank of the river

(A) Indus        (B) Jhelum       (C) Chenul       (D) Ravi

4.Nasik is situated on the bank of the river

(A) Mahanadi               (B) Tapti        (C) Krishna        (D) Godavari

5.An important river of the Indian desert is

(A) Luni           (B) Narmada   (C) Krishna      (D) Beas

6.The 'Pong Dam' is constructed on the river

(A) Ravi           (B) Tapti       (C) Beas             (D) Don

7.Which river is under dispute involving Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat ?

(A) Krishna        (B) Narmada             (C) Koyna        (D) Tapti

8.The first multipurpose project of independent India is

(A) Bhakra-Nangal        (B) Damodar             (C) Hirakud      (D) Nagarjuna sagar

9.The river which joins Ganga from Southern side

(A) Betwa         (B) Chambal        (C) Son        (D) Ken

10.Where is the Rana Pratap Sagar Dam built ?

(A) On river Sutlej       (B) On river Chambal              (C) On river Narmada  (D) On river Gandak

11.The famous Lagoon lake of India is

(A) Dal Lake       (B) Chilka Lake        (C) Pullicat Lake          (D) Manas Sarover

12.Which one of the following river flows through a rift valley ?

(A) Godavari        (B) Narmada           (C) Krishna      (D) Mahanadi

13.Majuli, the largest river island in the world, lies in the State of

(A) Arunachal Pradesh       (B) Assam           (C) Tripura       (D) Mizoram

14.The palk strait lies between

(A) Bay of Bengal and Gulf of Mannar

(B) Andaman and Nicobar islands

(C) Rann of Kutch and Gulf of Khambhat

(D) Lakshadweep and Maldives

15.Palghat joins which of the following states ?

(A) Sikkim and West Bengal

(B) Maharashtra and Orissa

(C) Kerala and Tamil Nadu

(D) Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim

16.'Meghna' is the combined stream of which two rivers ?

(A) Ganga and Yamuna          (B) Ganga and Gomti  (C) Ganga and Son       (D) Ganga and Brahmaputra

17.The joint river valley venture of India and Nepal is

(A) Gomati       (B) Chambal   (C) Damodar      (D) Kosi

18.Surat is situated on the banks of the river

(A) Tapti          (B) Mahanadi               (C) Bhima        (D) Godavari

19.Which of the following rivers has its source outside India ?

(A) Brahmaputra        (B) Beas          (C) Ravi           (D) Jhelum

20.River Indus originates from

(A) Hindukush range   (B) Himalayan range  (C) Karakoram range       (D) Kailash range

21.On the tributary of which river has Rihand Dam been constructed ?

(A) Chambal    (B) Yamuna        (C) Son         (D) Periyar

22.The river also known as Tsangpo in Tibet is

(A) Ganga        (B) Brahmaputra        (C) Indus         (D) Teesta

23.The confluence of the rivers Alaknanda and Bhagirathi is known as

(A) Rudraprayag        (B) Devaprayag            (C) Haridwar    (D) Kedarnath

24.Where is Nathpa Jhakri power project located ?

(A) Uttarakhand           (B) Arunachal Pradesh       (C) Himachal Pradesh      (D) Andhra Pradesh

25.Which one of the following hydroelectric projects does not belong to Tamil Nadu ?

(A) Idukki        (B) Aliyur         (C) Periyar       (D) Kundah

26.What is the longest Irrigation Canal in India called ?

(A) Yamuna Canal       (B) Sirhand Canal       (C) Indira Gandhi Canal              (D) Upper Bari Doal Canal

27.Which state is irrigated by Ganga canal ?

(A) Uttar Pradesh        (B) Bihar          (C) West Bengal            (D) Rajasthan

28.Tehri Dam receives water from which of the following rivers ?

(A) Alaknanda        (B) Bhagirathi      (C) Gandak      (D) Ghaghra

29.In which part of India, canal irrigation system is the most common ?

(A) Tamil Nadu            (B) Maharashtra          (C) Sikkim        (D) Uttar Pradesh

30.Which of the following pairs is wrongly matched ?

(A) Koyana project - Maharashtra

(B) Sharavathy project - Karnataka

(C) Balimela project - Orissa

(D) Sabarigiri project - Gujarat

31.Where is Tala Hydroelectric project which is expected to generator 1020 power, located ?

(A) Arunachal Pradesh       (B) Bhutan           (C) Nepal         (D) Himachal Pradesh

32.On which river has the Hirakud dam been built ?

(A) Mahanadi              (B) Godavari    (C) Cauvery     (D) Periyar

33.Farakka Barrage was commissioned to

(A) save Kolkata port.

(B) link North and South Bengal.

(C) supply drinking water to Kolkata.

(D) divert water to Bangladesh.

34.Which of the following is a river flowing from Central India and joining Yamuna/Ganga ?

(A) Ghagra       (B) Gomti         (C) Kosi       (D) Betwa

35.Which of the following rivers makes an estuary ?

(A) Krishna      (B) Mahanadi               (C) Godavari       (D) Narmada

36.The longest sea beach in India is

(A) Chapora beach        (B) Diu beach              (C) Aksa beach       (D) Marina beach

37.Which river originates from the Amarkantak plateau ?

(A) Narmada river       (B) Son river   (C) Betwa river            (D) Godavari river

1.The largest river system of the Peninsular India is

(A) the Krishna       (B) the Godavari              (C) the Mahanadi        (D) the Narmada

2.Which one of the following in the correct sequence of the tributary rivers of the Indus from north to south direction ?

(A) Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi, Satluj

(B) Chenab, Jhelum, Satluj, Ravi

(C) Ravi, Satluj, Chenab, Jhelum

(D) Satluj, Ravi, Jhelum, Chenab

3.Which one of the following rivers has the highest run off ?

(A) The Ganga            (B) The Brahmaputra               (C) The Indus               (D) The Narmada

4.The Luni river has its origin from

(A) The Satpura hills  (B) The Indus river      (C) The Aravalli hills               (D) The Himalayan region

5.Which one of the following is a right bank tributary of the river Ganga ?

(A) The Jamuna          (B) The Gandak       (C) The Kali        (D) The Tista

6.Which one of the following river is not connected with the proposed Ganga-Cauvery link canal ?

(A) Sone       (B) Mahanadi    (C) Narmada   (D) Pennar

7.The longest road bridge in India is on the river

(A) Son            (B) Godavari   (C) Ganga       (D) Brahmaputra

8.Tank irrigation is more prevalent in

(A) the Peninsular India

(B) the Brahmaputra valley

(C) the Thar desert region

(D) the lower Ganga plains

9.The famous Gersoppa Falls is located on the river

(A) Godavari        (B) Sharavati          (C) Narmada                (D) Cauvery

10.'Syntaxial bend' is associated with

(A) the origin of the Himalayas

(B) deep gorges of the Indus and the Brahmaputra

(C) formation of the Tapi valley

(D) Rajmahal Gap

11.Lonar is a

(A) salt lake                 (B) lagoon lake            (C) rift valley lake        (D) crater lake

1.River Tista is a tributary of which river system ?

(A) Ganga          (B) Brahmaputra     (C) Yamuna                 (D) Mahanadi

2.There are a large number of hydro-electric projects in South India, because -

(A) coal region is far away

(B) there are large number of waterfalls

(C) perennial rivers are there

(D) there is facility to collect rain water

3.The river which is known as 'Vridha Ganga' is

(A) Krishna      (B) Cauveri        (C) Godavari             (D) Mahanadi

4.Who was the President of the Indian National Congress when Shimla Conference was convened by Lord Wavell in June-July, 1945 ?

(A) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad          (B) Sardar Patel           (C) Jawaharlal Nehru        (D) A. K. Fazlul Haq

5.Which one of the following rivers makes an estuary ?

(A) Krishna      (B) Godavari                (C) Cauveri        (D) Tapti

6.Luni drains

(A) in Gangetic delta   (B) in Godavari delta      (C) in Gulf of Kuchch      (D) in Gulf of Khambhat

7.Pykara project is located in-

(A) Andhra Pradesh     (B) Kerala       (C) Tamil Nadu            (D) Karnataka

8.Which one of the following is not a tributary of Krishna ?

(A) Tungabhadra       (B) Penner        (C) Bhima        (D) Sina

9.Which of the following is wrongly matched ?

(A) Srinagar : Jhelum   (B) Lucknow : Gomati        (C) Tiruchirapalli : Periyar            (D) Panji : Manduli

10.Which one of the following is not a tributary of Krishna ?

(A) Tungabhadra       (B) Penner        (C) Bhima        (D) Sina

11.Which one of the following is not a tributary of Godavari ?

(A) Wardha      (B) Wainganga            (C) Manjra       (D) Tel

12.Which one is wrongly matched ?

(A) Ahmedabad - Sabarmati      (B) Hyderabad - Krishna     (C) Kota - Chambal          (D) Nasik - Godavari

13.The river which originates from Mansarovar Lake is -

(A) Ganga        (B) Yamuna    (C) Ravi       (D) Sutlej

14.Which of the following rivers is flowing through a rift valley ?

(A) Godavari       (B) Tapti      (C) Krishna      (D) Kaveri

15.Marble Falls is found in -

(A) Cuvery river           (B) Sharaswati river       (C) Narmada river    (D) Godavari river

16.Dandkaranya Project is situated in-

(A) Tamil Nadu            (B) Maharashtra        (C) Madlya Pradesh     (D) Goa

17.Which is the largest Salt water lake in India ?

(A) Lonar Lake            (B) Pulicat Lake       (C) Chilka Lake              (D) Wular Lake

18.In which region of India tank irrigntion is most popular ?

(A) Uttar Pradesh        (B) Rajasthan        (C) Andhra Pradesh         (D) Tamil Nadu

19.In which state the highest waterfall is located in India ?

(A) Karnataka             (B) Assam       (C) Tamil Nadu            (D) Kerala

20.Which one is wrongly matched ?

(A) Nagarjuna Sagar Project - Krishna

(B) Hirakund - Mahanadi

(C) Bhakra Nangal - Sutlej

(D) Ukai - Chambal

21.River cauvery flows through the state of -

(A) Madya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu

(B) Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu

(C) Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu

(D) Kerala. Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh

22.Bhakkhra-Nangal is a combined project of -

(A) Haryana-Punjab-Rajasthan

(B) Haryana-Punjab-Delhi

(C) Himachal-Haryana-Punjab

(D) Punjab-Delhi-Rajasthan

23.The two branches of Ganga, Bhagirathi and Alakananda joins at -

(A) Rudraprayag          (B) Haridwar        (C) Devprayag         (D) Sonprayag

24.River Brahmaputra flows through -

(A) Tibet, Bangladesh, India

(B) India, China, Bangladesh, Tibet

(C) India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sikkim

(D) Bangladesh, West Bengal, Bhutan

25.Rihand is the project of which state ?

(A) Uttar Pradesh       (B) Madhya Pradesh               (C) Bihar          (D) Karnataka

26.Which one of the following is not a tributary of Ganga ?

(A) Gandak      (B) Gomati       (C) Kosi        (D) Ghaggar 

27.Kundal hydro-electric project is located at -

(A) Tamil Nadu           (B) West Bengal          (C) Andhra Pradesh   (D) Kerala

28.The highest dam in India is -

(A) Tehri dam             (B) Bhakra Nangal dam           (C) Hirakud dam               (D) Nagarjuna Sagar dam

29.The two branches of the Ganga include -

(A) Bhagirathi and Yamuna

(B) Bhagirathi and Alkananda

(C) Mandakini and Yamuna

(D) Mandakini and Son-Ganga

30.Pullicut lake is which type of lake ?

(A) Crater lake             (B) Salt lake     (C) Glaciated lake       (D) Lagoon lake

31.Which one of the following Himalayan rivers is not an antecedent stream ?

(A) Indus          (B) Sutlej        (C) Kali             (D) Brahmaputra

32.Indus and Brahmaputra rivers are example of -

(A) Subsequent drainage

(B) Super-imposed drainage

(C) Consequent drainage

(D) Antecedent drainage

33.Pulicut Lake is situated at the coast of -

(A) Malabar Coast       (B) Konkan Coast        (C) Coromandal Coast      (D) None of the above

34.Majule island formed which river ?

(A) Godavari                (B) Cauvery        (C) Brahmaputra        (D) Krishna

1.Which river has been harnessed under the Hirakud multipurpose Project  ?

(A) Godavari       (B)  Mahanadi          (C)  Narmada               (D) Krishna

2.Which state in India has the largest proportion of its net irrigated area under well irrigation ?

(A) Hariyana   (B) Bihar          (C) Gujrat         (D) West Bengal

3.The highest water-fall in India is -

(A) Hogenakal       (B) Jog      (C) Sivasundaram       (D) None of the above

4.For which one of the following is Satara well known

(A) Thermal Power plant        (B) Wind Energy plant     (C) Hydro-electric plant        (D) Nuclear Power plant

5.Where are the BHEL Plants located ?

(A) Haridwar, Bhopal, Hyderabad & Tiruchirapalli              (B) Pinjour, Bengaluru, Hyderabad & Kalamassery

(C) Haridwar, Pinjour, Kalamassery & Tiruchirapalli               (D) Bhopal, Jhansi, Haridwat & Tiruchlrapalli

6.Settlements which grow along the road, river or a canal are

(A) Square settlements           (B) Rectangular settlements      (C) Linear settlements      (D) None of the above

7.Consider the following statements and select the correct answer using codes given below.

  1. Gilandi and Mujnai are flown in Coochbehar
  2. Mahananda, Piyali and Titli belong to Brahmaputra River system
  3. Damodar River is originated from Chhotonagpur Plateau

(A) I & III are correct  (B) I & II are correct     (C) II & III are correct               (D) All are correct

8.Wular Lake of Kashmir is :

(A) Ox-bow Lake

(B) Lake formed by tectonic activity

(C) Lake formed by terminal morainic dam

(D) Lake formed by continuous deposition of silt

9.Formation of potholes in river beds is an example of

(A) Hydration         (B) Corrosion       (C) Erosion     (D) Attrition

10.Which of the following pairs is incorrectly matched ?

(A) Kosi : Consequent River                (B) Narmada : Rift Valley River

(C) Sultej : Antecedent River            (D) Ghagghar : River with interior drainage

11.The Indus and Brahmaputra Rivers are examples of :

(A) Subsequent Drainage        (B) Super imposed Drainage

(C) Consequent Drainage         (D) Antecedent Drainage

1.Sind Sagar Doab is located between the rivers

(A) Chenab and Jhelum      (B) Ravi and Chenab       (C) Beas and Sutluj       (D) Jhelum-Chenab and Indus

2.Jog Falls is associated with river

(A) Godavari   (B) Saraswati       (C) Sharavati          (D) Ganga

3.The Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea came into being during

(A) Cretaceous of early tertiary period

(B) Middle of upper pleistocene period

(C) Middle Miocene to lower Pleistocene period

(D) Pleistocene to Quaternary period

4.Which ocean deep is located in Indian Oc

(A) Murray      (B) Tonga       (C) Sunda            (D) Mariana

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