1.Which of the following statements is incorrect about the position of women during the age of Buddha ?

(A) The position of women generally deteriorated.

(B) There were several instances of child marriages.

(C) Polygamy was gradually growing among the ruling classed.

(D) Education was denied to women.

1.Who was the propounder of the Ajivika Sect ?

(A) Purana Nassapa  

(B) Purandha Kaecayana      

(C) Makkali Gosala             

(D) Ajita Keshakambalin

1.Both Lord Buddha and Mahavira died in the reign of

(A) Bimbisara        (B) Ajatasatru       (C) Udayin       (D) Dasratha

2.Who was the founder of the 'Ajivika' sect ?

(A) Purana Kassap      (B) Pakudha Kaccayana         (C) Makkaii Gosala       (D) Ajit Kesakambalin

3.Which of the following is not a representative of the Buddhist art ?

(A) Stupa        (B) Gopuram                (C) Vihara        (D) Chaitya

4.Which one of the following events of Buddha's life did not take place on a full moon day (Purnima) ?

(A) Birth           (B) Death         (C) Enlightenment        (D) Renunciation

5.In the Buddhist context, which one refers to texts that are supposed to contain what the Buddha himself said ?

(A) Sutta             (B) Vinaya               (C) Abhidhamma         (D) Milindapanha

1.Which of the following were the most prominent monarchical mahajanapadas during the age of the Buddha ?

(A) Vajjis or Vrijis         (B) Kosal and Vatsa    (C) Avanti and Magadha       (D) All listed in (B) and (C)

1.The famous Jaina temples at Dilwara were built by

(A) Paramaras             (B) Chandellas          (C) Solankis         (D) Chauhans

1.The language of the Jaina religious text was

(A) Sanskrit       (B) Pali        (C) Prakrit          (D) Bengali

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