1.Which of the following systems were the backbones of the Vijaynagar administration ?

(A) Nitinirdesha and Dandniti

(B) Karyapalika and Nayankara

(C) Nayankara and Ayagar

(D) Dandniti and Spy system

2.Which particular city became the nodal point for the trade routes running from north to south and east to west in the pre-Gupta and Gupta periods ?

(A) Taxila        

(B) Mathura      

(C) Ujjain      

(D) Vidisa

1.The foreign traveller named one of the famous Vijayanagara coins as pagoda. Originally it was

(A) Pan      

(B) Varaha          

(C) Hun           

(D) Panam

1.King "Chandra" of Mehrauli Iron Pillar inscription has been identified with

(A) Chandragupta Maurya      

(B) Chandragupa I (Gupta)     

(C) Chandrasen     

(D) Chandragupta II (Gupta)

2.Policemen of Vijaynagar were paid out of taxes collected from

(A) Wine shops              

(B) Land revenue    

(C) Taxes on goods      

(D) Prostitutes

3.According to a legend, whom did Sikandar Lodi, the Sultan of Delhi, try to kill by various means ?

(A) Nanak       

(B) Mirabai      

(C) Kabir      

(C) Chaitanya

4.Which of the following Gupta rulers is said to have embraced Buddhism towards the end of his life and also founded the Nalanda University ?

(A) Skandagupta        

(B) Buddhagupta        

(C) Purugupta      

(D) Kumaragupta l

1.Nicolo de Conti, an Italian visitor, came to Vjjaynagar during the reign of -

(A) Harihara I              

(B) Bukka I    

(C) Devi Raya II       

(D) Deva Raya I

2.According to Abdur Razzaq, the policeman of Vijayanagar were paid out of taxes collected from

(A) Wine shops              

(B) Brothels (prostitues)       

(C) Land revenue           

(D) Taxes on goods

3.Navanityakam of the Gupta period was a book on

(A) Medicine              

(B) Metallurgy             

(C) Mathematics              

(D) Astronomy

4.Who among the following dynasties were the first to transfer all sources of revenue to the Brahmans ?

(A) Vakatakas            

(B) Guptas      

(C) Pallavas                

(D) Chalukyas

1.Which Vijayanagara ruler sent an embassy to China ?

(A) Harihara - I            

(B) Krishna Deva Raya      

(C) Bukka - I          

(D) Saluva Narasimha

2.Which of the following statement is incorrect ?

(A) Kautilya was Chandragupta's guide and mentor

(B) Chandragupta was succeeded by his son Bindusara

(C) Chandragupta was known to the Greeks as 'Amitrochates', the destroyer of foes

(D) Chandragupta is said to have died of slow starvation in south India

3.During whose reign did Vijayanagara come into conflict with Orissa for the first time ?

(A) Bukka - II        (B) Devaraya - I      (C) Devaraya - II       (D) Virupaksha - II

1.The Gold coins of the Gupta dynasty were known as

(A) Sataman       

(B) Dinara        

(C) Muhara        

(D) Varaha

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