1.The main sources of ancient Indian Geographical concepts are

(A) Hindu Mythology

(B) Travellers Account

(C) Sacred Laws

(D) All Of the above

2.Ancient Indian Geography hinges on

(A) Systematic Study

(B) Observation

(C) Religion

(D) Scientific Laws

3.Who was the author of Rajtarangini?

(A) Kalhana

(B) Jonaraja

(C) Srivara

(D) All of the above

4.Which is our earliest source for the existence of untouchables in India?

(A) Atharva Veda

(B) Chandogya Upanishad

(C) Panini's Ashtadhyayi

(D) Harshacharita

5.Who was the author of the Prabandha Chintanumi?

(A) Medhatithi (B) Merutunga (C) Shriharsha (D) Soddhala

1.Who composed the Aihole Inscription ?

(A) Ravikirti                (B) Harisen     (C) Bilhan        (D) None of the above

2.The first Indian rulers to issue gold coins on the Roman pattern were

(A) Sungas      (B) Kushanas        (C) Indo-Greeks                (D) Vakatakas

3.Which of the following 7th century Chinese travellers lived for ten years in the great monastery of Nalanda ?

(A) FaHien        (B) Hiuen Tsang        (C) Yijing        (D) Arrian

4.The oldest deciphered script of the Indian subcontinent.

(A) Brahmi        (B) Harappan             (C) Prakrit           (D) Devanagari

5.D. Kosambi (1907-66) is a pioneer of

(A) Nationalist historiography

(B) Marxist historiography

(C) Subaltern historiography

(D) Imperialist historiography

6.Name the author of 'Panchatantra' and 'Svapna-Vasavadatta'.

(A) Kalidasa       (B) Bhasa      (C) Ashvaghosha        (D) Kalhan

7.Jayadev's "Gita Govinda" deals with the cult of

(A) Rama         (B) Shiva        (C) Krishna        (D) Shakti

8.The term 'Malaimandalam' refers to

(A) Coromandal coast       (B) Malabar coast             (C) Pandya coast               (D) Konkan coast

9.Who among the following was the first to describe Sudras as a class of agriculturists ?

(A) Manu         (B) Fa Hien        (C) Hiuen Tsang       (D) Narad

1.Which of the following is / are the well-known ancient geographical epithets of India ?

(A) Saptadvipa            (B) Bharatvarsha         (C) jambudvipa               (D) Both (A) and (B)

2.The earliest use of the term 'Hindustan' appears in which inscription of Sasanid ruler Shahpur I ?

(A) Naqsh-Rustom                 (B) Persepolis              (C) Behistun    (D) Hamadan

3.Which period of Indian history has been designated by Romila Thapar as 'Threshold Times' ?

(A) BCE 200 - 300 CE       (B) CE 300 - CE 600          (C) CE 300 - CE 800               (D) CE 600 - CE 1300

4.At which of the following Ports have a sizable Roman settlement and a Roman factory have been discovered ?

(A) Tamralipti       (B) Muziris or Mushri        (C) Arikamedu               (D) Kaveripattanam

5.Mandsor pillar inscription of the early 6th Century CE belongs to

(A) Anantavarman       (B) Mihirkula        (C) Yasodharman               (D) Toramana

1.The Kharosthi script derived from

(A) Pictographs       (B) Aramic           (C) Sanskrit    (D) Brahmi

2.The name of our motherland 'Bharata' was first mentioned in

(A) Vishnu Purana     (B) Vayu Purana              (C) Markendaya Purana               (D) Matsya Purana

3.We know about the Bactrian Greeks only from

(A) Inscirptions       (B) Coins             (C) Manuscripts       (D) Relics

4.Who introduced Gold Coins in India ?

(A) The Mauryas       (B) The Kushanas       (C) The Greeks      (D) The Cholas

5.Who was Minandar ?

(A) A Parthian king       (B) A Bactrian Greek King        (C) A Saka King                (D) None of the above

6.Who wrote Milindapanha ?

(A) Asvaghosha           (B) Nagarjuna              (C) Basumitra       (D) Nagasena


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