The Hindu College was founded in the year

(A) 1817 (B) 1819 (C) 1813 (D) 1816 

Raja Rammohan Roy was the founder of

(A) Bahujan Sabha (B) Jatiyo Sabha (C) Lok Sabha (D) Brahmo Sabha 

 The Taffwabodhini Patrika was founded by

(A) Debendranath Tagore (B) Keshab Sen (C) Raja Rammohan Roy (D) Pandit Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar 

1.Who was the founder of the Satyashodhak Samuj?

(A) B. R. Ambedkar

(B) E V. Ramaswamy

(C) Jyotiba Phule

(D) C. Rajagopalachari

1.Which of the following statements about Henry Louis Vivian Derozio is incorrect ?

(A) He was born in Calcutta in 1809.

(B) He taught at the Sanskrit College between 1826 - 1830.

(C) He died of Cholera at the age of 22.

(D) His followers were known as Derozians.

2.The Asiatic Society of Bengal was founded by

(A) Ram Mohan Roy      (B) William Jones    (C) W. W. Hunter         (D) William Bentinck

3.Who among the following was not involved with the Anushilan Samiti of Calcutta in 1902 ?

(A) Promotha Mitter      (B) Abani Mukherjee             (C) Barindra Kumar Ghosh              (D) Jotindra Nath Banerjee

4.Which of the following reform movements was the first to be started in the 19th Century ?

(A) Prarthana Samaj                (B) Arya Samaj        (C) Brahmo Samaj               (D) Rama Krishna Mission

5.Who was the founder of the Prarthana Samaj ?

(A) Raja Ram Mohan Roy     (B) Dayanand Saraswati     (C) Atmaram Pandurang      (D) Gopal Krishna Gokhale

6.Who was the founder of the Secret Society Abhinava Bharat ?

(A) Naren Bhattacharji             (B) Jatin Mukherjee     (C) Damodar Chapekar      (D) Ganesh Savarkar

1.Match the social reformers of the nineteenth century with their individual contributions:


Raja Rammohan


Abolition of Sati


Keshab Chandra Sen


Intercastc marriage, widow remarriage and emanci­pation of women


Jyotiba Phule


Removal of untouchability


Dayanand Saraswati


Shuddhi movement and rejection of hereditary caste system





































 2.A brilliant and patriotic Anglo-Indian teacher, Henry Vivian Derozeo, was the founder of :

(A) The Young Bengal Movement

(B) The Indian National Union

(C) The Servants of India Society

(D) The British India Association

3. Which of the following revolutionary and terrorist organizations had a large number of young women revolutionaries ?

(A) Yugantor   (B) Anushilan Samiti   (C) Bharat Mata Society       (D) Indian Republican Army

1.Jyotirao Phule started his Satyasodhak Samaj in ——

(A) 1872       (B) 1873              (C) 1879          (D) 1910

2.Pandita Ramabai Saraswati arrived in Western India in 1882 and with the help from Ramabai Ranade set up —— for general uplift and enlightenment of women.

(A) Bharat Stru Mahamandal

(B) Women's Indian Association

(C) Arya Mahila Samaj

(D) Mahila Rashtriya Sangha

Who was the founder of Tatwabodhini Sabha  ?

(A) Rammohan Roy      (B) Devendranath Tagore    (C) Dwarakanath Tagore             (D) Kesav Chandra Sen

3.When did the first schism within the Brahma Samaj first take place ?

(A) 1865       (B) 1866              (C) 1867          (D) 1868

4.When was Ramkrishna Mission established ?

(A) 1895          (B) 1896       (C) 1897              (D) 1899

5.Who established Calcutta Madrasa ?

(A) Warren Hastings              (B) William Bentinck    (C) Lord Cornwallis                (D) Lord Wellesley

6.Sanskrit College at Calcutta was established on

(A) 1823       (B) 1824              (C) 1825          (D) 1826

7.Atmiya Sabha was founded by

(A) Raja Rammohan Roy       (B) Devendranath Tagore        (C) Kesav Chandra Sen               (D) Dayananda Saraswati

8.Who among the following played an instrumental role in the formation of Calcutta School Book Society ?

(A) Radhakanta Dev               (B) Raja Rammohan Roy        (C) Dwarakanath Mitra      (D) Madanmohan Tarkalankar

9.Who was the first editor of Tatwabodhini Patrika ?

(A) Rammohan Roy     (B) Devendranath Tagore     (C) Akshay Kumar Dutta   (D) Harish Chandra Mukherjee

10.Who among the following was not a proponent of Anglicism ?

(A) William Jones      (B) Thomas Babington Macauley        (C) Holt Mackenjie        (D) Charles Thevelyan

11.Arrange the following Commission constituted for development of education in colonial India according to chronological order and find the correct answer from the codes given below :

(i) Sadler Commission

(ii) Wood's Despatch

(iii) Hunter Commission

(iv) Raleigh Commission


(A) (i), (ii), (iii), (iv)       (B) (ii), (iii), (i), (iv)       (C) (ii), (i), (iv), (iii)      (D) (ii), (iii), (iv), (i)

12.Who was the founder of Gramvarta Prakashika ?

(A) Bhavani Charan Bandyopadhyay

(B) Harish Chandra Mukhopadhyay

(C) Sisir Kumar Ghosh

(D) Harinath Majumder

1.Which of the following organizations, according to Sumit Sarkar, "left little distinctive or permanent on the plane of religion and philosophy" in 19th Century India ?

(A) Brahmo Samaj       (B) Ramakrishna Mission        (C) Aligarh Movement      (D) Young Bengal

2.Jonathan Duncan founded the Sanskrit College in 1792 at-

(A) Allahabad       (B) Varanasi           (C) Calcutta    (D) Madras

1.When and by whom was the 'Nair Service Society' founded ?

(A) 1905 - Narayana Guru       (B) 1910 - T.M. Nair

(C) 1914 - M. Padmanabha Pillai       (D) 1916 - K. Ramakrishna Pillai

2.Who was the founder of secret society Abhinava Bharat ?

(A) Naren Bhattacharji             (B) Jatin Mukherji        (C) Ganesh Savarkar      (D) Damodar Chapekar

3.All the established political parties and groups, except two, boycotted Simon commission, which were those two ?

(i) Hindu Mahasabha               (ii) Justice Party          (iii) Muslim League               (iv) Punjab Unionists

Choose the correct answer from the codes given below

(A) ii and iii      (B) i and ii        (C) iv and ii    (D) iii and iv

4.Who founded the Indian Reforms Association in 1870  ?

(A) Ram Mohan Roy                (B) Debendranath Tagore

(C) Keshab Chandra Sen          (D) Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar

1.Vidyasagar has been described as "Traditional Moderniser" by historian

(A) Ramesh Chandra Majumder         (B) Binoy Ghosh      (C) Amalesh Tripathy          (D) Jadunath Sarkar

2.Who founded 'Swadeshi Bhandar' in 1897 ?

(A) Sarala Devi       (B) Rabindranath Tagore           (C) Mahatma Gandhi              (D) Bipin Chandra Pal

3.The first free university in India, completely independent of the Government and receiving no grant from it, was :

(A) Vishva Bharati, Shantiniketan

(B) Aligarh Muslim University

(C) Women's University, Pune

(D) Benaras Hindu University

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