1. Which Companyvs nickname is 'Big Blue'?

(A) IBM  (B) Microsoft  (C) Apple  (D) Cognizant

2.Name the scientist who discovered the 'Quantum Statistics'

(A)   S. N. Bose  (B)   N. Saha  (C)   C. Bose  (D)   V. Raman

1.Which one is the first search engine in internet ?

(A) Google       (B) Archie        (C) AltaVista               (D) WAIS

2.Which one programming language is exclusively used for artificial intelligence ?

(A) C      (B) Java        (C) J2EE       (D) Prolog

3.A dual layer Blue-ray disc can store data upto

(A) 20 GB        (B) 30 GB        (C) 40 GB        (D) 50 GB

4.The device used by Banks to automatically read those special numbers on the bottom of the cheques is

(A) MICR           (B) OMR        (C) UPC           (D) UDIC

5.Data transmitted for a given amount of time is called —

(A) Noise         (B) Power        (C) Frequency       (D) Bandwidth

6.In TV transmission, picture, signal is —— modu­lated.

(A) DSB-SC        (B) VSB        (C) SSB-SC    (D) Pulse

1.What is software ?

(A) A type of computer code

(B) A computer language

(C) A set of instructions for your computer

(D) A cover for the computer

2.The operating system is the most common type of software.

(A) System      (B) Communication     (C) Application             (D) None of the above

3.A computer cannot boot if it does not have the

(A) compiler     (B) loader       (C) operating system              (D) assembler

1.Which one of the following internet protocol version is the most deployed internet layer protocal ?

(A) IPV2        (B) IPV4             (C) IPV6           (D) IPV8

2.Which one of the following is the web search engine ?

(A) Aliweb        (B) Jughead    (C) Baidu         (D) All of these

3.Which one of the following persons invented the world's first digital and programmable robot ?

(A) George Devel        (B) Hisashige Tanaka              (C) Korel Capek               (D) Joseph Engel Berger

4.Spam is related to -

(A) Computer              (B) Art              (C) Music         (D) Game

5.Junk e-mail is also called -

(A) Spoof         (B) Spool         (C) Sniffer Script        (D) Spam

6.Which one of the following is a set of program instruction that can attach itself to a file, reproduces itself and spread to other file ?

(A) Computer worm         (B) Computer virus      (C) Trojan horse        (D) Phising Scam

7.Which one of the following is the most common picking device of the graphic application ?

(A) Graphic tablet        (B) Joystick    (C) Mouse        (D) Light Pen

8.The electrical circuits used to get smooth D.C. output from a rectified circuit is called -

(A) amplifier    (B) filter            (C) oscillator         (D) full wave rectifier

9.The frequency band used for radar relay system and television is -

(A) VLF            (B) UHF        (C) VHF              (D) EHF

10.Which of the following is the first state in India to have 3G services of Telecommunication ?

(A) Maharashtra         (B) Bihar       (C) Uttar Pradesh      (D) Andhra Pradesh

11.What is the function of the microsoft office world ?

(A) An operating system

(B) A downloading application software

(C) A word processing software

(D) An input device

12.Which one of the following computer operating system (OS) is the most commonly used in the Top- 500 super computers of the world ?

(A) Unix OS        (B) Linux OS        (C) Lisa OS        (D) Mac OS

13.Which one of the following application is commonly used to prepare a presentation or slide show ?

(A) Photoshop        (B) Powerpoint        (C) Internet explorer             (D) Outlook express

14.Which one of the following discs is used to cold boot a computer ?

(A) Set up disc       (B) Program disc       (C) Diagonostic disc      (D) System disc

15.Long distance short wave radio broadcasting uses -

(A) Direct wave              (B) Sky wave       (C) Ionospheric wave        (D) Ground wave

16.Which one of the following devices has installed Wi-Fi devices in its system ?

(A) Smartphone       (B) Video Game consoles       (C) Computer Printers         (D) All of these

17.Who had coined the term television at the first International Electricity congress held in Paris ?

(A) Paul Nipkow        (B) Constantin Perskyi       (C) J J Thompson       (D) Henry Patrick

18.Which one of the following sold the world's first mobile television MTV-1 ?

(A) Clive Sinclair        (B) George Shapiro        (C) Clive Clinton       (D) William Gladstone

19.Which of the following companies launched the 3G mobile telecommunication for the first time in the world ?

(A) Nextle in the United States

(B) NTT DoCoMo (Japan)

(C) Telus Mobility (Canada)

(D) Bharati Airtel in India

20.Which of the following is the web browser ?

(A) Google Chrome     (B) Safari         (C) Opera         (D) All of these

21.Modem is a device used for -

(A) converting analog signals to digital signals

(B) modulating signals

(C) Either of the above

(D) None of the above

22.Which one of the following computers is the world's first commercial computer ?

(A) Feffanti Mark-1     (B) Mark-1 star        (C) UNIVAC-1      (D) IBM-704

23.Who is the father of Computer Science ?

(A) Alam Turing       (B) Adam Osborne         (C) John Moore           (D) Neal Stephenson

24.Who has created the high level programming language for the first time for computers ?

(A) Konord Lorenz       (B) Konard Zuse         (C) Mario Johnson       (D) Henry Gladstone

25.Which one of the following computer scientists firstly used the term 'bits' ?

(A) George Jonhansen            (B) Cliff Berry  (C) John Atanassoff       (D) Claude E Shannon

26.Infosys is opening its first overseas campus in -

(A) USA           (B) Japan         (C) Germany        (D) China

27.Which one of the following memories is not non-volatile computer memory ?

(A) PRAM        (B) SRAM        (C) Flash Memory       (D) Bubble Memory

1.A term associated with comparison of processing speed

(A) MPG          (B) CPS        (C) MIPS             (D) None of the above

2.'LASER Printers' are an example of

(A) Line printers           (B) Dot-Matrix Printers        (C) Page Printers        (D) None of the above

3.Encoder is a

(A) Integrated circuit        (B) Digital circuit        (C)  VLSI                 (D) IC chips

4.D.D.T. was invented by

(A) Paul Muller           (B) La Mark       (C) Pavlov     (D) Darwin

5.Who developed Yahoo ?

(A) Danis Ritch        (B) David Filo & Jerry Yong       (C) Vint Cerf & Robert Luis      (D) Steve Carl

1.In computers, the storage medium which cannot usually be modified is known as

(A) ROM              (B) RAM           (C) Hard disk           (D) Flash drive

2.The acronym CCD stands for

(A) charge coupled device   (B) control circuit device

(C) credit card device              (D) configuration control device

3.The abbreviation 'http' stands for

(A) HTML Transfer Technology Process

(B) Hyperspase Terms and Tech Protocol

(C) Hyperspace Techniques Tech Progress

(D) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

4.The following is not a programming language

(A) C++            (B) JAVA       (C) Office Suite             (D) Fortran

5.The number of bits in a byte is

(A) 2   (B) 4       (C) 8              (D)  16

6.The mode in which a digital adder involving logic gates add data is

(A) binary        (B) octal           (C) decimal      (D) hexadecimal

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