1.______ is known as the 'Morning Star'.

(A) Mars          (B) Moon         (C) Jupiter      (D) Venus

2.What is the name of the latest earth observation satellite launched by ISRO (November 2020) along with 9 international customer satellites from Andhra Pradesh ?

(A) G Sat-30      (B) India Sat       (C) EOS-1  (D) EOS-2

3.ISRO plans to launch Venus mission named "Shukrayaan -1" by which year ?

(A) 2024          (B) 2022          (C) 2021          (D) 2025

4.Venice of the East is ________.

(A) Shillong      (B) Kolkata        (C) Allapuzha            (D) Bengaluru

1.Which is the first plant grown in the moon ?

(A) Cotton       (B) Potatoes   (C) Arabidopsis       (D) Canola

2.What is the wavelength of Super High Frequency (SMF) especially used in radar and satellite commu­nication ?

(A) 1 m - 10 m        (B) 1 cm - 10 cm        (C) 10 cm - 1 m       (D) 0.1 cm - 1 cm

3.Which of these are used to measure optical activity ?

(A) Polarimeter           (B) Planometer            (C) Psychrometer       (D) Photometer

4.India's navigational satellite system is known as

(A) GPS           (B) GLONASS              (C) BeiDou       (D) IRNSS

1.What is the full form of "ISRO" ?

(A) Indian Satellite Research Organisation

(B) Indian Solar Research Organisation

(C) Indian Site Research Organisation

(D) lndian Space Research Organisation

2.What is the full form of "RADAR" ?

(A) Radio Device and Ranging

(B) Region Device and Ranging

(C) Radio Detecting and Ranging

(D) Radio Detect and Ranges

1.What, among the following, is India's first Anit-submarine warfare corvette ?

(A) INS Kamorta

(B) Naval version of Light Combat Aircraft (LCA)

(C) INS Shivalik

(D) INS Shakti

2.A geostationary satellite has an orbital period of

(A) 2 hours      (B) 6 hours      (C) 12 hours      (D) 24 hours

1.Which of the following satellites is used in ship to shore, shore to shore and shore to ship communication ?

(A) Marisat      (B) Comsat      (C) Telestar    (D) Intelsat

2.WIMAX is related to which one of the following ?

(A) Biotechnology      (B) Space Technology      (C) Missile Technology      (D) Communication Technology

3.Which of the following is not the term of Information Technology ?

(A) Cyber Space              (B) Upload       (C) Modem    (D) Light Storage

4.Which of the following countries firstly deployed 4G system of mobile telecommunication in world ?

(A) South Korea         (B) Japan       (C) United States       (D) England

5.Intelsat satellite is used for -

(A) radar communication

(B) radio communication

(C) Intercontenental communication

(D) None of the above

1.David Bushnell is credited with the creating of

(A) First submarine                (B) Hover craft             (C) Steam ship                (D) Catamaron

2.What is the Galileo Project

(A) An inter country Program of missile shield developed by the U.S.A

(B) A project developed by India with assistance from Canada

(C) An environmental protection project being developed by Japan

(D) A multi satellite navigation project developed by the European Union

3.NASA's Deep Impact Space Mission was employed to take detailed pictures of which comet nucleus ?

(A) Halley's comet       (B) Hale Bopp             (C) Hyakutake        (D) Tempel - I

4.Which one of the following is a space craft ?

(A) Apophis         (B) Cassini              (C) Spitzer       (D) Tech sar

5.An artificial satellite orbiting around the earth does not fall down because the attraction of earth

(A) does not exist at such distance

(B) is neutralised by the attraction of the moon

(C) provides the necessary speed for its steady motion

(D) provides the necessary accelaration for its motion

6.ISRO Launched its —— th satellite on 27th August, 2015

(A) 20         (B) 25        (C) 24       (D) 26

1.The two satellites of Mars are

(A) Io and Europa       (B) Ganymede and Callisto       (C) Titan and Charon       (D) Phobos and Deimos

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