1.The age of son today is 114th of the age of his father. After 20 years, age of father will be twice the age of his son. The age of the father today is

(A) 36 (B) 40 (C) 44 (D) 48

2.The present age of Neha and Rashmi are in the ratio of 7:8 respectively. Six years later, the ratio of their ages will become 9:10 respectively. What is Rashmi's present age?

(A) 36 (B) 24 (C) 28 (D) 40

1.Present ages of Ram and Laxman are in the ratio of 5 : 4 respectively. Three years hence, the ratio of their ages will become 11 : 9 respectively. What is Laxman's present age ?

(A) 24 years       (B) 27 years              (C) 40 years    (D) 30 years

2.Satyajit is younger than Diganta by 8 years. If their ages are in the ratio of 5 : 7, then how old is Satyajit ?

(A) 18 years     (B) 22 years     (C) 25 years      (D) 20 years

3.The age of father today is thrice as that of his son. After 15 years, the age of the father will be twice that of his son. The age of the son today is

(A) 12 years      (B) 15 years               (C) 18 years   (D) 24 years

4.Six years hence, a man's age will be three times the age of his son and three years ago he was nine times as old as his son. The present age of the man is

(A) 28 yrs       (B) 30 yrs          (C) 32 yrs        (D) 34 yrs

1.P's age is 1/4 of Q's and R's age is 1 and 1/2 of Q's.age. If the age of R is 30 years, find the age of P.

(A) 10 years      (B) 12 years      (C) 15 years      (D) 18 years

1.Ram's age after 15 years will be 5 times his age 5 years back. What is the present age of Ram ?

(A) 10 years                (B) 5 years       (C) 15 years    (D) 20 years

2.X is 36 years old and Y is 16 years. In how many years will X be twice as old as Y ?

(A) 4 years     (B) 3 years       (C) 2 years      (D) 1 year

3.Ajay is as much younger to Vijay as he is older to Tarun. If the total of the ages of Vijay and Tarun 48 years, how old is Ajay.

(A) 23 years     (B) 21 years        (C) 24 years             (D) 18 years

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