1.Firm is related to Flabby in the same way as

Piquant is related to

(A) Bland

( B) Salty

(C Pleasant

(D) Small

1.If words : language then line : ________

(A) mathematics          (B) figure         (C) algebra       (D) geometry

2.Games, cricket and football represent which of the following figures ?

(A) figure       (B) figure           (C) figure         (D) figure

3.Which number will occupy the blank space ?

(A) 6        (B) 8    (C) 2   (D) 5

4.______ vegetable :: wheat _______

Which one of the following is the correct pair ?

(A) plant, cake             (B) barley, flour       (C) cabbage, corn           (D) leaves, rice


1.Vigilant : Alert : : Viable : ?

(A) Active         (B) Hopeless        (C) Feasible       (D) Useful

2.Fog :.Visibility : : AIDS : ?

(A) Health       (B) Resistance        (C) Virus              (D) Death

3.Infrared is to Heat as Ultraviolet is to ——

(A) Cancer         (B) Blisters                (C) Mutation   (D) Ozone

Select the lettered pair that has the same relationship as the original pair of the words. (109-115)

4.Sip : Gulp

(A) Touch : Push        (B) Cup : Class            (C) Tent : Hut               (D) Soup : Water

5.Deplete : Enervate

(A) Tighten : Loosen      (B) Exhaust : Enfeeble        (C) Invigorate : Tired   (D) Strengthen : Weak

6.Lugubrious : Sorrowful

(A) Lustrous : Luscious       (B) Frenzied : Excited    (C) Credible : Incredible        (D) Euphoric : Sad

7.Incandescent : Glowing

(A) Flash : Flame         (B) Tedious : Bore       (C) Boor : Oafish       (D) Indefatigable : Untiring

8.Annihilation : Fire : : Cataclysm : ?

(A) Emergency            (B) Tribulation     (C) Anxiety      (D) Flood

9.Paw : Cat : : Hoof : ?

(A) Horse            (B) Lion        (C) Lamb         (D) Elephant

10.MAN : PDQ : : WAN : ?

(A) NAW        (B) ZDQ             (C) YDQ           (D) YQD

11.Choose the word which is.the least like the other words in the group

(A) Copper       (B) Zinc              (C) Brass      (D) Aluminium


(A) 42       (B) 46       (C) 48        (D) 50

13.Pulp : Paper :: Hemp : ?

(A) Basket       (B) Yarn       (C) Rope             (D) Cotton

14.Tectoniss : Building :: Taxidermy : ?

(A) Classification         (B) Conserving       (C) Stuffing          (D) Collecting

15.Ecology is related to Environment in the same way as Histology is related to ——

(A) Fossils        (B) History        (C) Tissues     (D) Hormones

16.Select the lettered pair that has the same relationship as the original pair of words.

Intelligentsia : Elitist

(A) Commonality : Common class

(B) Gentry : Public

(C) Rabble : Plebeian

(D) OuterShell : Sea Shell

17.Choose out the odd one :

(A) Pupil          (B) Iris              (C) Cornea       (D) Medulla

18.Find the term which does not fit into the series given below :

G4T, J10R, M20P, P43N, S90L

(A) G4T     (B) J10R      (C) M20P       (D) P43N

19.Botany : Plants :: Entomology : ?

(A) Snakes      (B) Insects      (C) Birds          (D) Germs

20.Select the lettered pair that has the same relationship as the original pair of words :

Ogle : Observe

(A) Flaunt : Display    (B) Discern : Perceive (C) Clamour : Despite              (D) Haggle : Outbid

21.Choose out the odd one :

(A) Radium        (B) Thorium        (C) Sodium            (D) Polonium


(A) 12      (B) 21      (C) 24       (D) 35

23. Choose the letter of the region which currectly represents the statement.

24. Chinese who are painters but not Musicians —

(A) b      (B) c  (C) d      (D) g

25. Painters who are neither Chinese non Musicians —

(A) b     (B) c      (C) f      (D) g

26.Chinese who are Musicians but not Painters —

(A) d       (B) c              (C) b      (D) a

27.Chinese who are Painters as well as Musicians —

(A) a      (B) b      (C) c       (D) d

If on a tough day you are the only person available to handle the customers, you should

(A) ask for additional help from the boss.

(B) take leave and go back home.

(C) just do your part of the work.

(D) try and work to the maximum of your ability to satisfy customers.

Give answers (Question Nos. 28 - 29) :

(A) Only conclusion I follows.

(B) Only conclusion I and II follows.

(C) Either conclusion I or II follows.

(D) Both conclusions I and II follows.


All men are married. Some men are educated.


I.Some married are educated.

II  Some educated are married.       

(Ans : D)


Some papers are pens. Angle is a paper.


I. Angle is not a pen.

II. Angle is a pen.

(Ans : C)

Which is Implicit 

30. Statement:

'Smoking is injurious to health' — A warning printed on the cigarette packets.


I.People read printed matter on a cigarette packet.

II.People take careful note of a warning.

III. Non-Smoking promotes health.

IV.None of the above

(A) None is Implicit    

(B) Only I and II are Implicit.

(C) All are Implicit   

(D) Only II and III are Implicit.

31. Statement:

The Reserve Bank of India has directed the banks to refuse fresh loans to major defaulters.


I.The banks may still give loans to the defaulters.

II.The defaulters may repay the earlier loans to get fresh loans.

III. The banks may recover the bad loans through such harsh measures.

(A) None is Implicit.

(B) Only I and II are Implicit.

(C) All are Implicit.

(D) Only II and III are Implicit.

32. Choose group of letters different from others :

(A) DXCLQZ       (B) PFZUBM       (C) XGKNTY          (D) GJMQVX

1.Which of the following sets is best represented in the given diagram ?

A) Animals, Insects, Cockroaches.

(B) Animals, Males, Females and Hermaphrodites.

(C) States, Districts, Union Territories.

(D) Country, States, Districts,

2.In the following diagram, the square represents women, triangle represents corporate managers and circle represents MBAs. Which numbered part represents — Women — MBA — Corporate Managers ?

(A) 3        (B) 5   (C) 8   (D) 13

3.Which of the following diagram indicates the best relation Tiger, Four-footed and Elephant ?

(A) diagram  (A)         (B) diagram (B)      (C) diagram (C)    (D) diagram (D)

4.Choose the odd one out:

(A) Shehnai     (B) Bagpipe     (C) Flute       (D) Sitar

5.Choose the word which is different from the rest:

(A) Tall             (B) Huge          (C) Thin       (D) Sharp

6.Decide which of the courses of action logically follow(s). (Q. 137-139)

(A) only I follows

(B) only II follows

(C) either I or II follows

(D) both I and II follows

7.Statement: India has been continuously experiencing military threats from its neighbouring countries.

Courses of action :

  1. India should engage into an all out war to stop the nagging threats.
  2. India should get the neighbours into a serious dialogue to reduce the tension at its borders.

Ans (B)

8.Statement: There has been large number of cases of internet hacking in the recent months creating panic among the internet users.

Courses of action :

  1. The government machinery should make an all out effort to nab those who are responsible and put them behind bars.
  2. The internet users should be advised to stay away from using internet till the culprits are caught.

Ans (A)

9.Statement: The Officer In-charge of a Company had a hunch that some money was missing from the safe:

Courses of action :

  1. He should get it recounted with the help of the staff and check it with the balance sheet.
  2. He should inform the police.

Ans (D)

10.A song always has

(A) Chorus       (B) Musician   (C) Tymbal       (D) Word

11.A chocolate always has

(A) Wrapper       (B) Cocoa     (C) Nuts           (D) Milk

12.Major is related to Lieutenant in the same way as Squadron Leader is related to

(A) Group Captain       (B) Flying Attendant       (C) Flying Officer     (D) Pilot Officer

13.Select the lettered pair that has the same relationship as the original pair of words printed in bold.

Calligraphy : Writing

(A) Music : Song      (B) Lyric : Poem             (C) Drama : Prose       (D) Chapter : Stanza

14.  4, 8, 28, 80, 244,?

(A) 278            (B) 428            (C) 628              (D) 728

15.Which term comes next in the series: YEB, WFD, UHG, SKI, ?

(A) QOL           (B) QGL           (C) TOL           (D) QNL

16.Find the next term in the alpha - numeric series:

Z1A, X2D, V6G, T21J, R88M, P445P, ?

(A) N2676S     (B) N2676T      (C) T2670N      (D) T2676N

17.Moon : Satellite : : Earth : ?

(A) Sun       (B) Planet             (C) Solar System         (D) Asteroid

18.Which of the following is the same as Rabbit, Rat, Mole ?

(A) Mongoose            (B) Frog           (C) Earthworm             (D) Ant

19.Find the correct alternative having the same relationship.

Pink : Red : White

(A) Orange : Yellow : Black

(B) Green : Blue : Yellow

(C) Yellow : Red : Green

(D) Brown : Black : Blue



and the same relationship holds between the two terms to its right. Also, in each question, one term either to the right of : : or to the left of it is missing. This term is given as one of the alternatives given below each question. Find out the term.

21.Money : Misappropriation : : Writing : ?

(A) Deception              (B) Mistake       (C) Plagiarism           (D) Theft

22.B : 16 : : D : ?

(A) 120            (B) 150            (C) 200      (D) 256

23.C : 16 : : F : ?

(A) 30              (B) 40      (C) 49           (D) 50

24.Kidney : Nephron : : Central Nervous System : ?

(A) Cerebrum               (B) Brain          (C) Neurons       (D) Spinal Cord

25.DE : 10 : : HI : ?

(A) 17  (B) 20       (C) 36          (D) 46

26.Which of the following is the same as Measles, Abies, Cancer ?

(A) Pneumonia            (B) Diabetes   (C) Tetanus      (D) Hepatitis

27.Find the missing number :

(A) 35  (B) 48  (C) 72       (D) 120

28.Choose the odd numeral pair.

(A) 12 ; 96       (B) 13 ; 117     (C) 15 ; 120     (D) 16 ; 128

29.(A) Apple : Jam (B) Lemon : Citrus (C) Orange : Squash   (D) Tomato : Sauce

30.(A) Shopkeeper : Customer (B) Doctor : Patient     (C) Lawyer : Client     (D) Clerk : File

31.Insert the missing number

(A) 10      (B) 15      (C) 20      (D) 25

32.Find the missing number

(A) 49       (B) 50          (C) 51              (D) 52

Arrange the given words in a meaningful sequence and then choose the most appropriate sequence amongst the alternatives provided below the question :

33.  1. Country 2. Punishment            3. Crime           4. Justice

(A) 1, 3, 4, 2        (B) 1, 4, 3, 2    (C) 2, 4, 3,1     (D) 2, 3, 1, 4

34.1. Butterfly 2. Cocoon 3. Egg 4. Worm

(A) 1, 3, 4, 2    (B) 1, 4, 3, 2    (C) 2, 4, 1,3      (D) 3, 4, 2, 1

35.1. Presentation 2. Recommendation 3. Arrival          4. Discussion            5. Introduction

 (A) 1, 2, 4, 5, 3      (B) 3, 2, 5, 1, 4       (C) 4, 3, 1, 5, 2            (D) 5, 3, 2, 1, 4

36.1. Never 2. Sometimes 3. Generally 4. Seldom        5. Always

(A) 5, 2, 1, 3, 4      (B) 5, 2 ,4, 3, 1       (C) 5, 3, 2, 1, 4     (D) 5, 3, 2, 4, 1

37.Which of the following is the same as Weevils, Borer, Beetle ?

(A) Termites    (B) Lice       (C) Moth              (D) Ringworms

38.The following questions consists of two words each that have a certain relationship to each other, followed by four bettered pair of words. Select the bettered pair that has the same relationship as the origin pair of words :

39.Magazine : Periodical

 (A) Gun : Soldier     (B) Harvesting : Agriculture       (C) Pun : Joke    (D) Truck : Transport

40.Confine : Prisoner

  (A) Impeach : President            (B) Detain : Suspect    (C) Ambush : Sentry    (D) Trace : Fugitive

41.Necessity : Invention

  (A) Curiosity : Knowledge         (B) Nation : Citizens    (C) Language : Conversation             (D) Price : Commodity

42.The terms of the given series are 31 + 1, 32 - 1, 33 + 1, 34 - 1, 35 + 1 ——.  The missing terms is

   (A) 37 - 1          (B) 38 + 1         (C) 36 + 1      (D) 36 - 1

43.Arrange the following words according to dictionary arrangement :

44.Epitaxy        2. Episode       3. Epigene       4. Epitome       5. Epilogue

     (A) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5            (B) 3, 2, 5, 4, 1      (C) 3, 5, 2, 1, 4         (D) 5, 4, 2, 1, 3

45.Choose the correct alternative :

 Aluminium is to Bauxite as Iron is to _____ .

  (A) Pyrite         (B) Magnesite              (C) Pyrolusite      (D) Haematite

46.Choose the correct alternative :

 Preface is to Book as Overtrue is to _____.

   (A) Operan          (B) Ballad        (C) Novel         (D) Symphony

47.Choose the correct alternative :

  Infra-red is to Heat as Ultraviolet is to _____.

  (A) Cancer      (B) Blisters      (C) Mutation    (D) Ozone

48.Choose the pair, which is different from the rest.

 (A) (32, 15)      (B) (86, 42)      (C) (56, 26)      (D) (74, 36)

49.Choose the pair, which is different from the rest.

    (A) 7, 50          (B) 9, 82          (C) 11, 122      (D) 10, 99

50.Which among the following is the largest part of the body ?

   (A) Liver              (B) Leather      (C) Brain          (D) Heart

51.Which will be the third word in the dictionary ?

   (A) COUNSEL              (B) COUCH       (C) COUNCIL             (D) COUGH

52.A disease always has

   (A) Germs        (B) Medicine    (C) Cure      (D) Cause






The number of square in the above figure is

 (A) 25      (B) 20       (C) 23       (D) 29

54.Motorcycle is related to Battery in the same way as life is related to

  (A) Sun   (B) Man           (C) Enjoy         (D) Earth

55.A car always has

(A) wheels          (B) driver         (C) bonnet       (D) dicky

56.A hospital always has

    (A) room       (B) doctor          (C) bed            (D) mobile

57.Pick the wrong pair :

  (A) The Great Wall —- China  (B) Colosseum — Rome      (C) Acropolis — Turkey  (D) Delhi — India

58.Factory is related to Production in the same way as School is related to

    (A) Building        (B) Education           (C) Discipline               (D) Teaching

59.The word 'fiscal' relates to

    (A) fish             (B) heavy        (C) demand and supply        (D) finance



(A) 35              (B) 37       (C) 39          (D) 41


(A) 68      (B) 75              (C) 77              (D) 79


(A) 14              (B) 77        (C) 81         (D) 113

63.If the numbers alongside each column and row are the total of the values of the symbols within each column and row, which number should replace the question mark ?

(A) 30  (B) 33       (C) 34          (D) 36

The number in each circle in the number pyramid is the sum of the two numbers just below it.

64.Few of the numbers in a number pyramid are filled in. Find the number in the position marked ?

(A) 29              (B) 30       (C) 31          (D) 32

65.Few of the numbers in a number pyramid are filled in. Find the number in the position marked ?

(A) 4       (B) 5              (C) 6      (D) 7

65.Few of the numbers in a number pyramid are filled in. Find the number in the position marked ?

(A) 35  (B) 36       (C) 37          (D) 39

66. If we want to exactly cover a regular octagon (pictured below) with triangles (of different shapes and sizes), what is the least number of triangles that we must use ?

(A) 5       (B) 6              (C) 7      (D) 8

67.The drawing shows a solid figure built with a number of cubes.

Which plane drawing below represents the figure as viewed directly from above?

68.Complete the missing portion of the given pattern by selecting from the given alternatives.

For the next two questions (Q.No. 174 and 175), suppose the same dice looks from three different angles as follows :

69.Find the number of dots on the face opposite the face bearing 3 dots.

   (A) 4   (B) 5      (C) 6               (D) Cannot be determined from the given information.

70.Find the number of the dots on the face opposite the face bearing 5 dots.

   (A) 1      (B) 2  (C) 4    (D) Cannot be determined from the given information.

There is a certain relation between two given words on one side of : : and one word is given on another side of : : while another word is to be found from the given alternatives, having the same relation with the word as the words of the given pair bear.

  Choose the best atlernative :

71.Botany : Plants : : Entomology : ?

 (A) Snakes        (B) Insects   (C) Birds          (D) Germs

72.Pyrophobia : Fire : : Ochlophobia : ?

   (A) Horses       (B) Crowd       (C) Light          (D) Foreigners

73.Pituitary : Brain : : Thymus : ?

   (A) Larynx        (B) Spinal cord            (C) Throat      (D) Chest

74.Entrepreneur : Profit : : Scholar : ?

   (A) Income       (B) Knowledge           (C) Service      (D) Business

75.If A + B > C + D and B + C > A + D then it is definite that

  (A) D > B          (B) C > D         (C) A > D      (D) B > D

76.Find the odd one from the rest :

(A) 64       (B) 136        (C) 125            (D) 216

77.The four different positions of a dice are given below :


What number is on the face opposite 1 ?

(A) 6        (B) 3    (C) 5    (D) 2

78.If in English Alphabet A replaces E, E replaces I, I replaces O, O replaces U and U replaces A, then which letter will be fourteenth in English alphabet ?

 (A) M  (B) I     (C) K      (D) N

79Arrange the following in a logical order :

80.Birth   2. Death        3. Funeral        4. Marriage

(A) 1, 4, 2, 3        (B) 1, 3, 4, 2      (C) 4, 1, 2, 3               (D) 1, 2, 3, 4

81.Arrange the following in a meaningful sequence :

82.Phrase         2. Letter           3. Word            4. Sentence

(A) 1, 3, 2, 4      (B) 2, 3, 1, 4  (C) 1, 2, 3, 4    (D) 1, 3, 2, 1

83.Find the odd one from the rest :

 (A) 3    (B) 17       (C) 49          (D) 31

84.Find the odd one from the rest :

(A) Water            (B) Moon         (C) Sun            (D) Star

85.Find the missing number :

   45, 54, 47, ?, 49, 56, 51, 57

  (A) 50       (B) 55          (C) 48              (D) 53

86.Find the missing character from among the given alternative.

(A) 62      (B) 63           (C) 70 (D) 60

87.ABCD : NPRT : : FGHI : ?

(A) RTUW        (B) BTOQ       (C) SUWY         (D) SUYW









1.Find the odd one out -

 (A) Ear        (B) Eye    (C) Tongue         (D) Blood

2.Find the odd one out -

 (A) Rocket      (B) Aeroplane              (C) Helicopter        (D) Van-rickshaw

3.Find the odd one out -

 (A) Doctor        (B) Teacher     (C) Student         (D) Head-master

4.Find the odd one out -

 (A) Zoology     (B) Physiology             (C) Botany        (D) Philosophy

5.Find the odd one out -

  (A) 27       (B) 64        (C) 81       (D) 125

6.Find the odd one out-

 (A) Square         (B) Circle     (C) Parallelogram        (D) Rectangle

7.Find the odd one out -

(A) Earth       (B) moon        (C) Mars              (D) Venus

8.Find the add one out -

   (A) Motor-cycle            (B) Scooter      (C) Bi-cycle        (D) Van

9.Fill in the number grid with the numbers listed. Which of the numbers won't fit ?

(A) 305        (B) 359      (C) 530          (D) 950

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