1.Which of the following day CANNOT be the day before yesterday ?

(A) Sunday      (B) Monday      (C) Tuesday  (D) Wednesday

2.Sanket earns twice as much in the month of March as in each of the other months of the year. What part of his entire annual earnings was earned in March ?

(A) 1/7             (B) 1/6             (C) 2/11      (D) 2/13

3.At 3 pm the minute hand of a wall clock, placed normally on the wall, points to the West. In which direction the hour hand will point at 9 am ?

(A) East           (B) West       (C) South           (D) North

4.At 12 pm both hands of a wall clock, placed normally on the wall, point to the South. In which direction the hour hand will point at 9 am ?

(A) East           (B) West          (C) South         (D) North

5.Which of the following day CANNOT be the day after yesterday ?

(A) Thursday  (B) Monday      (C) Tuesday    (D) Wednesday

1.If 30th January 2003 was Thursday, what was the day on 2nd March, 2003 ?

(A) Tuesday     (B) Thursday  (C) Saturday     (D) Sunday

1.A clock is started at noon. by 10 minutes past 5, the hour hand has turned through

(A) 155°           (B) 150°           (C) 145°           (D) 160°

2.How many time do the hands of a clock coincide in a day ?

(A) 20              (B) 21       (C) 22          (D) 24

3.How many times are the hands of a clock at right angle in a day ?

(A) 22      (B) 24           (C) 44  (D) 48

1.The bell of a wall-clock requires 3 seconds to ring 5 times. The time required for the bell to ring 6 times is -

(A) 4 seconds        (B) 3 ¾ seconds               (C) 5 seconds              (D) 3 ½ seconds

2.The last day of century cannot be :

(A) Monday      (B) Wednesday         (C) Tuesday     (D) Friday

3.How many times in a day, the hands of a clock are straight ?

(A) 22       (B) 24       (C) 44       (D) 48

4.If RAM is coded as WFR, then how is SITA coded ?

(A) NDOV        (B) NDOF         (C) XNYF        (D) XMWF

5.Johnny's mother had three children. The first child was named April. The second child was named May What was the third child's name ?

(A) June          (B) July            (C) Cannot be determined from the given information .    (D) None of the above

6.John tells the truth on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, but lies on every other day.

One day he said, "I will tell the truth tomorrow."

On which day of the week did he make this statement ?

(A) Sunday        (B) Monday               (C) Tuesday    (D) Wednesday

7.In a particular month of some year, there are three Mondays which have even dates. On which day of the week does the 15th of that month fall ?

(A) Monday      (B) Wednesday           (C) Friday        (D) Sunday

8.Between 6 PM and 7 PM the minute hand of a clock will be ahead of the hour hand by 3 minutes at —

(A) 6 : 15 PM               (B) 6 : 18 PM         (C) 6 : 36 PM         (D) 6 : 48 PM

1.A clock takes 3 seconds to strike the hour of 3 O'clock. To strike 9 O'clock it will take

(A) 3 secs        (B) 6 secs        (C) 9 secs       (D) 12 secs

1.A clock takes 10 seconds to strike at 6 O'clock. How much time will it take to strike at 12 O'clock ?

(A) 20 seconds        (B) 22 seconds               (C) 23 seconds       (D) 24 seconds

2.If 18th February, 2009 is Friday, then what will be the day of 18th February, 2011 ?

(A) Sunday      (B)  Monday     (C) Tuesday   (D) Wednesday

3.Sreedham and Sachidananda are ranked 7th and 11th respectively from top in a class of 31 students. What will be their respective ranks from the bottom in the class ?

(A) 20th and 24th respectively

(B) 24th and 20th respectively

(C) 25th and 21st respectively

(D) None of the above

4.Which one is not a leap year ?

(A) 1990          (B) 1948          (C) 2000          (D) 2012

5.If 8th February, 2005 was Tuesday, what was the day the 8th February, 2004 ?

(A) Tuesday     (B) Monday        (C) Sunday               (D) Wednesday

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