W.B.C.S. Preliminary Question Paper-Idioms and Phrases

1.Select the idiom that best replaces the words in italics in the following sentence — You should review your options carefully before you make a decision.

(A) make hay while the sun shines

(B) sit on the fence

(C) look before you leap

(D) kill the golden goose

  1. Replace the underlined portion with an idiom from the list below:
    They finally agreed on the business deal
    (A) Let the cat out of the bag
    (B) See eye to eye
    (C) to feel under the weather
    (D) to cut a comer

  2. What type of sentence is ‘Do or Die’? zi
    (A) Simple .
    (B) Complex
    (C) Exclamatory
    (D) Compound

  1. The idiomatic expression 'make both ends meet' means
    (A) get by  
    (B) get over     
    (C) get done    
    (D) get well

  2. The idiomatic expression, once in a blue moon, means
    (A) rarely   
    (B) frequently  
    (C) regularly    
    (D) never

  3. The expression 'holier than thou' means
    (A) pure          
    (B) religious    
    (C) moralistic      
    (D) sanctimonious

  4. To feel 'under die weather' means
    (A) feel depressed      
    (B) feel uncomfortable     
    (C) feel unwell     
    (D) feel uncertain

  1. The idiomatic expression ‘pull yourself together’ ——
    (A) Drag oneself          
    (B) help one    
    (C) get angry       
    (D) calm down by oneself

  1. the tranquillity and sanctity of the place soothed us. Replace the underlined word with a suitable word.
    (A) Security       
    (B) Holines  
    (C) Equanimity            
    (D) Placidity

  2. The idiomatic expression 'see eye to eye' means
    (A) agree with someone
    (B) to remain neutral.  
    (C) to take over (something).   
    (D) to enjoy the best of both.

  1. “A bolt from the blue” means
    (A) sudden disaster     
    (B) in trouble        
    (C) blessing from above         
    (D) to remain neutral

  2. Select the correct meaning of the idiom underlined below :
    He stood in hot water
    (A) in trouble or disgrace      
    (B) met with an accident   
    (C) stepped into boiling water      
    (D) was angry

  3. Select the correct meaning of the idiom underlined below
    We didn’t really want that particular hotel, but it was a case of Hobson’s Choice.
    (A) state of dilemma   
    (B) taking what is available or nothing at all     
    (C)  teacher’s choice 
    (D) economical

  1. 'At daggers drawn' means
     (A) Friendly       
    (B) On bad terms with         
    (C) Acquainted    
    (D) Unknown

  2. He is a dark horse.
    (A) Silent         
    (B) secretive      
    (C) Dangerous      
    (D) Possessing a secret ability

  3. Everything was at sixes and sevens.
    (A) Disordered    
    (B) Lost           
    (C) Found       
    (D) Sold

  1. Edmund Burke had a wonderful gift of the gap.

    Gift of the gap means :
     (A) Intelligence               
     (B) Humanity       
    (C) Eloquence     
    (D) Goodness

  2. Select the correct meaning of the idiom  underlined below :

    There's no love lost between them.

     (A) Avoid        
    (B) Not on good terms           
    (C) Challenge                
    (D) Quarrel

  3. The belief in witchcraft is losing ground.

    (A) Becoming less acceptable               
    (B) Becoming popular              
    (C) Becoming powerful      
    (D) Losing principle

  1. The singer was not in voice

     (A) Lost voice              
     (B) To sing well        
    (C) Had a cough     
    (D) Sang well

  2. 'Puts one in mind' means
    (A) Resolved       
    (B) Decided        
    (C) Reminds      
    (D) Received

  3. 'Hand and glove' means

    (A) Arrogance     
    (B) Enemy       
    (C) Maintain a distance      
    (D) Intimate terms

  4. Insert correct adverb phrase in the blank space :

    Do this in a short time, in a —— manner.

     (A) Former      
    (B) Swift         
    (C) Brave        
    (D) Unwise

  5. No one dare call in question his honesty.

    (A) Honesty of purpose           
    (B) Test           
    (C) Flatter      
    (D) Challange

  1.    I gave him a piece of my mind.

    (A) Expressed love      
    (B) Fell in love       
    (C) Expressed anguish       
    (D) Trusted him

  2. He has the gift of the gab.

    (A) A talent for speaking 
    (B) A good voice         
    (C) A logical bent of mind            
    (D) Talking nonsense

  3. She is a little under the weather today.

    (A) Feeling unwell     
    (B) In sync with the weather           
    (C) Feeling excited            
    (D) Feeling sad

  1. 'Crocodile tears' means —— .

    (A) Expression of sorrow     
    (B) Tears of animals     
    (C) False tears     
    (D) Painful expression

  2. The news came like a bolt from the blue.

    (A) Windfall     
    (B) Thunderbolt       
    (C) Sudden and unexpected    
    (D) Shock

  3. He tried by all means, by hook or by crook to win the case.

    (A) By any means fair or foul     
    (B) By money              
    (C) By man power      
    (D) By muscle power

  4. To take up the gauntlet means

    (A) To accept the challenge       
    (B) To refuse               
    (C) To appreciate     
    (D) To move

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