W.B.C.S. Preliminary Question Paper
One Word Substitution

1. Fill in the blank with the correct word: one's studies with One should utmost seriousness

(A) persue

(B) parsue

(C) pirsue

(d) pursue

2. Choose the correct option to complete the sentence. I am indebted to my friend's wise

(A) council

(B) councel

(C) counsil

(d) counsel

3. Choose the word that best replaces the italicized words in the given sentence — In earlier times, rebels were executed for killing the king.

(A) homicide

(B) regicide

(C) parricide

(D) fratricide

4. Choose the word which is nearest in meaning to 'Vicarious' .

(A) Vituperative

(D) Indirect

(C) Supportive

(D) Isolated

6. Identify the incorrect pair

(A) Kidney diseases – urologist

(B) Blood-related diseases– haematologist

(C) Diseases of the stomach — gastroenterologist

(D) Various types of cancer — oncologist

7. Who is a `psephologist'?

(A) Someone who specializes in statistical studies of voting patterns in elections.

(B) Someone who specializes in a certain branch of neuropsychology.

(C) Someone who specializes in a certain branch of astrophysics.

(D) Someone who practises Freudian psychoanalysis.


  1. Give the one word substitution of:
    Creature having both male and female organs
    (A) Sodomite
    (B) Homosexual
    (C) Masochist
    (D) Hermaphrodite

  2. ‘Philanthropist’ means
    (A) Humanitarian
    (B) Hater of man
    (C) Lover of animals
    (D) Lover of books

  3. The idiomatic expression ‘A slap on the wrist” means ;
    (A) Short on time 3
    (B) A very mild punishment
    (C) To have a dispute
    (D) To force an issue me 

  4. Give the one word substitution of:
    One who talks continuously
    (A) Voracious
    (B) Impecunious
    (C) Loquacious
    (D) Avaricious

  5. An Obstetrician deals with
    (A) Child disease
    (B) Laver disease
    (C) Pregnancy & child birth
    (D) Nerve disease *

  6. Ornithology is the science of
    (A) Bird
    (B) Reptile
    (C) Amphibia
    (D) Mammal
  1. Choose the right word for love of oneself.
    (A) Hedonism              
    (B) Masochism      
    (C) Narcissism    
    (D) Sadism

  2. The word 'claustrophobia' means
    (A) fear of darkness   
    (B) fear of crowds     
    (C) fear of confined spaces       
    (D) fear of water

  3. The word vicissitude means
    (A) change     
    (B) stagnation             
    (C) uniformity
    (D) stability

  4. The word 'officious' means
    (A) self-important     
    (B) official       
    (C) serious     
    (D) enterprising

  5. A place where bees are kept ——
    (A) Aviary       
    (B) Abattoir     
    (C) Granary     
    (D) Apiary
  1. The word ‘Genocide’ means
    (A) Racial Killing       
    (B) Murder      
    (C) Suicide      
    (D) Slaughter

  2. 'Impassioned' means
    (A) Ardent     
    (B) Dispassionate       
    (C) Passionless           
    (D) Unemotional

  3. The word ‘Analogous’ means
    (A) analytical 
    (B) artificial       
    (C) comparable       
    (D) aural
  1. Ornithology is the study of
    (A) Fish           
    (B) Coins         
    (C) Relics      
    (D) Birds


  2. The word necrophilia means
    (A) Love for insects     
    (B) Love for children   
    (C) Cultivation of knowledge     
    (D) Fascination with dead bodies


  1. One who considers the happiness and well being of others first is an
    (A) Atheist       
    (B) Altruist     
    (C) Alchemist              
    (D) Aesthete

  2. Fill in the blank with the correct word :
    An Ophthalmologist is a person who deals with  ____
    (A) heart     
    (B) eyes             
    (C) glands       
    (D) lungs

  3. An Ornithologist deals with :
    (A) Insects       
    (B) Birds       
    (C) Eyes         
    (D) Heart

  4. An indefatigable person remains
    (A) untired       
    (B) unhappy               
    (C) unrelentful             
    (D) unsocial
  1. An illness that is likely to be fatal is
    (A) Mortal            
    (B) Serious             
    (C) Slight            
    (D) Temporary

  2. An orthopaedist deals with
    (A) Eyes          
    (B) Lungs       
    (C) Bones        
    (D) Childbirth

  3. An Epicurean is one who
    (A) Endures        
    (B) Suffers       
    (C) Enjoys pleasure               
    (D) Loves
  1.  An ophthalmologist deals with :
    (A) Kidney      
    (B) Liver       
    (C) Eyes   
    (D) Heart

  2. Choose an expression similar in meaning to the underlined word ;
    A misanthrope is a person who
    (A) Dislikes women       
    (B) Dislikes other people   
    (C) Dislikes children              
    (D) Dislikes nature
  1. A person on the verge of death of an illness is :
    (A) Seriously ill      
    (B) Terminally ill              
    (C) Sporadically ill     
    (D) None of the above

  2. An endocrinologist deals with :
    (A) Teeth       
    (B) Glands       
    (C) Epidemics             
    (D) Heart
  1. A person of outgoing nature is known as a/an —— .
    (A) Stoic      
    (B) Extrovert      
    (C) Megalomaniac       
    (D) Philanthropist
  1. A —— makes no difference between man and man in spreading his love.(A) Philander               
    (B) Philistine   
    (C) Philosopher       
    (C) Philanthropist

  2. Transparency is needed in dealing with a matter of public interest :
    (A) Haziness  
    (B) Trauma      
    (C) Turbulence            
    (D) Transition

  3. An omnivorous creature is one who :
    (A) Eats both plants and animals      
    (B) Omnipresenl               
    (C) Omniscient     
    (D) Eats nothing

  4. People who do not settle down, speak the Romany language, are called :(A) Truant       
    (B) Vagabond       
    (C) Omniscient     
    (D) Wanderer

  5. 'Deciduous' trees are :
    (A) Trees that lose the leaves annually        
    (B) Trees that are big
    (C) Trees that are short           
    (D) Trees that are scattered
  1. 'To see red' means :
    (A) To begin to understand       
    (B) To be mad with anger
    (C) A narrow escape   
    (D) Smart and clean
  1. A preparation for killing insects is :
    (A) Parasite      
    (B) Insecticide          
    (C) Humus      
    (D) Rodent

  2. Eruption means outbreak, irruption means :
    (A) Bursting in           
    (B) Equal         
    (C) Disease     
    (D) Evil
  1. It was queer to see his behaviour.
    (A) Natural       
    (B) Odd          
    (C) Probable  
    (D) Convincing
  1. 'We are superior to every body else' is the apt utterance of a/an —
    (A) Egoist     
    (B) Pacifist        
    (C) Anarchist  
    (D) Chauvinist
  1. A manicurist take care of
    (A) Foot           
    (B) Ear      
    (C) Nails      
    (D) Mind
  1. Hike in oil price may mar the future of the trade world.
    (A) Harness     
    (B) Help     
    (C) Better      
    (D) Worsen
  1. A pugilist is a
    (A) Boxer          
    (B) Swimmer            
    (C) Athelete     
    (D) Weight- lifter
  1. A gourmet loves
    (A) Fashion     
    (B) Action      
    (C) Food             
    (D) Flims
  1. 'Cacography' means
    (A) Bad spelling         
    (B) Good spelling        
    (C) Incorrect spelling     
    (D) None of the above

  2. 'Hold fire' means
    (A) To delay doing something          
    (B) Catch fire               
    (C) Prevent fire     
    (D) Magnify
  1. 'soliloquy' means
    (A) Speaking to others     
    (B) Speaking to oneself
    (C) Speaking in whispers        
    (D) Speaking to a friend
  1. 'Thespian art' refers to
    (A) The art of tragedy            
    (B) The art of history   
    (C) The art of story telling              
    (D) Tribal art
  1. The meat of deer is called
    (A) Mutton      
    (B) Venison     
    (C) Spoor        
    (D) Tendil
  1. Regicide means
    (A) Murder of a Father     
    (B) Murder of a King            
    (C) Murder of a Brother     
    (D) Murder of a Sister
  1. Lachrymose nature means-
    (A) Lethargic     
    (B) Prone to anger      
    (C) Prone to tear              
    (D) Energetic
  1. 'Astronomy' means study of the
    (A) Moon       
    (B) Star      
    (C) Sky      
    (D) Sun
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