W.B.C.S. Preliminary Question Paper-Phrasal verbs

  1. Instead of ‘tolerance’ we can say
    (A) bear on
    (B) Bear in
    (C) Bear with
    (D) Bear at
  1. Usea correct gerund in the blank space:
    I like _______ pictures.
    (A) Painting
    (B) painted
    (C) to paint
    (D) paint
  1. Never —— upon the marginalized. Fill in with the right phrasal verb
    (A) look over       
    (B) look down         
    (C) look through          
    (D) look into

  1. The detective suddenly —— a useful clue. Fill in with the right phrasal verb.
    (A) gave in      
    (B) came across        
    (C) fill up         
    (D) fell down

  2. He says he has invented a time machine, which is clearly a load of cobblers.
    (A) Genuine   
    (B) Great       
    (C) Nonsense               
    (D) Significant

  1. “Call up” means :
    (A) recollect  
    (B) anticipate               
    (C) befriend    
    (D) invite
  1. Fill in the blank with the appropriate Phrasal verb :
    The girl ____ her mother
    (A) takes after            
    (B) call in         
    (C) puts off      
    (D) puts by
  1. The teacher will ____ a new chapter tomorrow.
    (A) take over      
    (B) take up  
    (C) take down             
    (D) take off
  1. Insert the correct Adverbial Phrase in the blank space :
    Only ____ is there a rumble in the sky
    (A) occasionally        
    (B) swiftly        
    (C) quite          
    (D) merrily
  1. There was no _____ in the rain.  (Insert correct phrasal verb)
    (A) let up         
    (B) let in      
    (C) let off         
    (D) let go

  1. In a moment of hurry, the files have been --------  by Hamilton. (Insert correct phrasal verb)
    (A) Cast about             
    (B) Cast out     
    (C) Cast up     
    (D) Cast aside

  1. There was a —— on the midnight train. (Insert correct phrasal verb)
    (A) Hold up         
    (B) Hold in       
    (C) Hold          
    (D) Hold out

  1. They decided to —— his number in the yellow pages.
    (A) look into     
    (B) look at      
    (C) look up      
    (D) look onto
  1. I will —— to my job until May.
    (A) hold up     
    (B) hold on      
    (C) hold in       
    (D) hold
  1. The boss simply could not ——— his inefficiency any more.
    (A) put off      
    (B) put up with             
    (C) put down  
    (D) put across
  1. Insert the appropriate phrasal verb in the blank below to make the sentence meaningful :
    His friend —— his word much to his despair.
    (A) Went back on              
    (B) Went away from    
    (C) Went with     
    (D) Went in

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