W.B.C.S. Preliminary Question Paper-

  1. What parts of speech is the word ‘Adjective’?
    (A) Pronoun
    (B) Noun
    (C) Adjective
    (D) Adverb
  2. Which ___________- is the plural number”
    (A) Index
    (B) Alumni
    (C) Hypothesis
    (D) Analysis
  3. “I have done my duty.”—Which tense this? °
    (A) Present Indefinite ,
    (B) Present Perfect
    (C) Past Perfect
    (D)Past Indefinite
  1. While I —— in the library, someone threw a ball through the window.
    (A) was sitting           
    (B) was seated           
    (C) had been sitting              
    (D) am sitting
  1. Select the correct answer to fill in the blank.
    The ship, with its crew, —— lost.
    (A) were    
    (B) was     
    (C) were getting          
    (D) was being
  1. The past tense of rewind is
    (A) rewinded  
    (B) rewounded      
    (C) rewound         
    (D) None of the above
  1. It is nine o clock in Darjeeling in the morning and ——
    (A) there is snow      
    (B) It is snowing           
    (C) It snows             
    (D) It snowed
  1. We —— our dinner last night.
    (A) have taken      
    (B) took    
    (C) had taken              
    (D) take
  1. Babies ____ when they are hungry.
    (A) cries          
    (B) cried          
    (C) are crying        
    (D) cry
  1. Correct the following sentence and choose the right answer: We had gone to the movies last night.
    (A) We had had gone to the movies last night.
    (B) We went to the movies last night.
    (C) We should have gone to the movies last night.
    (D) We have gone to the movies last night.

  2. Select the correct answer to fill in the blank : I am sure I —— him before.
    (A) have met  
    (B) met           
    (C) had met     
    (D) will meet
  1. Fill in with the right option: I —— him for a long time.
    (A) have known         
    (B) knew         
    (C) had known            
    (D) should have known
  1. Fill in with the appropriate word :
    The jury —— divided in their opinion.
    (A) were         
    (B) was           
    (C) have been             
    (D) have
  1. Choose the right option to rewrite the sentence :
    No sooner —— the sun risen than the fog disappeared.
    (A) did             
    (B) has       
    (C) had   
    (D) was
  1. Use a suitable Auxiliary Verb to fill in the blank space :
    In all probability it ____ rain tonight
    (A) will            
    (B) can            
    (C) may           
    (D) ought
  1. Fill in the blank with the correct word :
    She had better ____ the room
    (A) entered     
    (B) requested              
    (C) moved       
    (D) called
  1. Insert a correct Participle in the blank space :
    ____ about dinner, John ran the whole way home
    (A) Having finished       
    (B) Excited      
    (C) Had been excited            
    (D) Hungry
  1. Fill in the blank with the appropriate infinitive :
    ____ is human
    (A) To laugh       
    (B)  To err       
    (C) To read              
    (D) To save
  1. It is easy _____ but hard to finish.
    (A) to end        
    (B) to fall         
    (C) to lose      
    (D) to begin
  1. Fill in the blank with the correct word given below :
    He wanted to ________ out.
    (A) want          
    (B) ask      
    (C) call      
    (D) order
  1. She ____ sit for hours listening to the wireless.
    (A) Will       
    (B) Would            
    (C) Can           
    (D) Could
  1. Fill in the blank with an infinitive :
    _____ is worth ambition.
    (A) To borrow         
    (B) To reign          
    (C) To repent                 
    (D) To cry
  1. Weather _____ , there will be a garden party at Government House tomorrow.
    (A) Allowing      
    (B) Permitting           
    (C) Happening               
    (D)  Put in a correct participle
  1. in the blanks space.
    The sea ____ , we went for sail.
    (A) Being rough           
    (B) Disturbed               
    (C) Being kind        
    (D) Being smooth
  1. The stream was ——— by the waterfall.
    (A) Fed      
    (B) Fed up            
    (C) Filled      
    (D) Fulled
  1. A ——— Star was seen in the sky.
    (A) Strengthening       
    (B) Shooting  
    (C) Shunting      
    (D) Staring
  1. Put in a correct Participle in the blank space Mary ———, we were freed from anxiety.
    (A) Having arrived      
    (B) Rolling       
    (C) Tattered    
    (D) Being arrived
  1. Mother says you —— to go to the market at once.
    (A) Have         
    (B) Are      
    (C) Shall    
    (D) Will
  1. — fault is easy
    (A) to begin     
    (B) to bury       
    (C) to read      
    (D) to find
  1. A stoic person can :
    (A) Entice       
    (B) Endure      
    (C) Excite        
    (D) Enable
  1. The — structure of Tajmahal makes it one of the wonders of the world.
    (A) Magnanimous     
    (B) Mediocre      
    (C) Mighty       
    (D) Majestic
  1. He was penniless when the bank failed and declared himself —— .
    (A) Insipid       
    (B) Insolent     
    (C) Innocent       
    (D) Insolvent
  1. The street is not properly —
    (A) Illumed      
    (B) Illumined       
    (C) Illuminated        
    (D) Enlightened
  1. She is proficient in music but weak
    (A) In study     
    (B) At lessons             
    (C) With study      
    (D) On study

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