W.B.C.S. Preliminary Question Paper

  1. The binary equivalent of decimal number 4.625 is
    (A) 100.001     
    (B) 100.110       
    (C) 100.101   
    (D) 100.011

  1. A combination of 16 bits is called
    (A) word          
    (B) nibble        
    (C) memory block      
    (D) byte
  1. USB is which type of storage device ?
    (A) Primary      
    (B) Secondary           
    (C) Tertiary     
    (D) None of the above
  1. Which is not a social networking site ?
    (A) Linkedin       
    (B) Wink       
    (C) Facebook              
    (D) Google plus
  1. Which among the following is commonly used language in Android applications ?
    (A) Java          
    (B) C++      
    (C) C        
    (D) PHP
  1. Errors in computer programme is called
    (A) Spam        
    (B) Follies       
    (C) Virus       
    (D) Bugs
  1. What is the digit in the unit place of (232)33 ?
    (A) 6       
    (B) 4      
    (C) 2             
    (D) 8

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