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MCQ – Indian Polity

1.Who was the first woman President of India?

A . Pratibha Patil

B . Lakshmi Sahgal

C . Indira Gandhi

D . Ambika Soni

2. Who was the 5th President of India?

A. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed

B. V .Giri

C. Zakir Hussain

D. Zail Singh

3. Who among the following can participate on proceedings of Parliament ?

A. The Chief Election Commissioner

B. The Attorney General

C. The Governors of states

D. None of these

4. Article_________deals with equal justice and free legal aid

A . Article 39

B . Article 39A

C . Article 40

D . Article 40A

5. Article  ___ deals with organisation of village panchayats

A. Article 39

B. Article 40

C. Article 41

D. Article 42

  1. ANSWER : A
  2. ANSWER : A
  3. ANSWER : B
  4. ANSWER : B
  5. ANSWER : B

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